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A Tribute to Johnny Tapia

by on May.29, 2012, under Boxing News

By Katherine Dunn

The late Mr. Tapia, at right, catching an uppercut from Barrera (photo from Cyber Boxing Zone archives)

The late Mr. Tapia, at right, catching an uppercut from Barrera (photo from Cyber Boxing Zone archives)

Editor’s note:  This piece originally ran in Playboy in 2003 and is re-printed in her book of boxing pieces,
One Ring Circus: Dispatches From the World of Boxing.

The desert siege ended after the Mohave County Sheriff’s Deputies backed an armored truck up to the house trailer outside Kingman, Arizona, hooked a tow rope to the door, and yanked it open. It was the summer of 2002 when that trailer was surrounded by cops with drawn guns.

Inside, the five-time world champion, boxer Johnny Tapia was holed up with two of his cousins. The police were after one of the cousins, Raymond “Bones” Whiting, who was wanted on aggravated assault and car-jacking charges. When the woman driver resisted his demands he tried to cut her throat. Johnny Tapia was involved because Bones, already a convicted murderer, came to Tapia’s luxurious Las Vegas home asking for help. Without hesitation, Tapia went on the run with him, ending at this trailer where yet another of their cousins lived. The Sheriffs’ office got a tip that a BMW with Nevada plates was parked in front of the trailer, and surrounded the place. (continue reading…)

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Oregon Author Katherine Dunn’s Long, Slow Bout with Words — and the Question

by on Aug.23, 2009, under Boxing News

by Jeff Baker, The Oregonian
Saturday August 22, 2009, 7:56 AM

[Editor's note:  Katherine Dunn, a longtime contributor to the Cyber Boxing Zone and accomplished freelance writer and author, was written-up in this fascinating newspaper article today.  We at the CBZ are very proud of her!]

At a press conference in Civic Stadium for a fight card at Spirit Mountain, on a rainy afternoon in June, only one reporter bothered to show up.

The boxers didn’t notice or didn’t care. One said he was looking forward to fighting at “Spearmint Mountain” and said his job was “to beat some people up.” Another dozed and sent text messages until it was his turn to trash-talk his opponent. Everyone kept an eye out for the promoter, ex-champion Roy Jones Jr., who was said to be on his way from the airport but never made it.
(continue reading…)

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Ehrmann Weighs in on ‘One Ring Circus’

by on Jun.09, 2009, under Pete Ehrmann, Reviews

A book review on Katherine Dunn’s book by Peter Ehrmann


 As a general rule, I would rather read about Joe Simonovich, Red Green, Vigo Doman or some other long-forgotten ancient pug than open a compilation of pieces about modern-day boxing. And while I believe in and affirm the equality of the sexes, I still cannot bring myself to watch women’s boxing. So the last thing I expected was to be blown away by “One Ring Circus: Dispatches From the World of Boxing,” a collection of newspaper, magazine and CBZ pieces from the last 25 years by Katherine Dunn, published by Schaffner Press.

But in a bigger upset than Douglas over Tyson that’s what happened, Ms. Dunn’s collection is already my candidate for boxing book of the year. (continue reading…)

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