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The Passing of a Legend — Muhammad Ali Has Left Us. Reflections and Impressions with ‘Ice’ John Scully

by on Jun.04, 2016, under Boxing News

By Juan C. Ayllon


The late Muhammad Ali, at left, shakes hands with a young John Scully (photo courtesy of John Scully)

The late Muhammad Ali, at left, shakes hands with a young John Scully (photo courtesy of John Scully)

At 74 years old, the “Greatest” is dead.  Born in Louisville, Kentucky on January 17, 1942, according the Associated Press, the family of Muhammad Ali reported that he passed Friday night. He had been hospitalized in the Phoenix area with acute respiratory problems complicated by Parkinson’s Disease earlier this week, and his children had flown in from around the country.  Many regard him not only as the greatest heavyweight boxer to grace the ring, but also an amazing humanitarian.  He leaves behind an incredible legacy.

Some would liken him to today’s Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. in that, as a Gold Medal Olympian, he was an Uber-gifted African American boxer renowned and sometimes reviled for his braggadocio as the undefeated Heavyweight Champion of the world in 1967.   (continue reading…)

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Touching Gloves with…Earnie Shavers

by on Jul.03, 2015, under Boxing News

By Dan Hanley


Back in ’73 when Earnie Shavers exploded on the world scene, I must admit to having never heard of him before. Although only 16 at the time, I wasn’t exactly a novice around the sport, but still, could only muster a timid, “Where has this guy been hiding?” I quickly learned that his KO numbers were off the chart and the prone bodies in his wake were stacking up like extras in a Sergio Leone shootout. I am one who truly believes that the ’70s produced some of the scariest competition in heavyweight history. And Earnie Shavers produced a lot of that dread. (continue reading…)

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Unlike Many Celebs, Ali Takes Time for Common Folk

by on Apr.17, 2015, under Boxing News

By Connecticut boxing judge Joe Cusano, as told to “Iceman” John Scully

Muhammad Ali with John "Ice" Scully, at right.

Muhammad Ali with John “Ice” Scully, at right.

Anyone who is around celebrities on a regular basis, wether it is as a fan, paparazzi or being in their inner circle in some capacity, will get to see how each one is in regards to how they treat their fans. You have many different personalities involved and each one seems to handle fame, adulation and attention just a bit differently. I’ve seen instances when an extremely well known former champion turned trainer very ignorantly not only refused to sign an autograph on a boxing glove for a fan but he also used extremely vulgar language to express how much he didn’t want to do it. I was there when a well known Hollywood figure refused to sign an autograph for one of my pre-teen amateur boxers at Madison Square Garden. I’ve seen famous actors and national championship college basketball players quickly sign their names so illegibly for another of my young boxers that it resembled what it would look like if a four year child scribbled on a piece of paper so they could see if the pen had any ink in it. (continue reading…)

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Ali vs. Liston II Gloves Up on Auction Feb. 21st Could Fetch 7 Figures!

by on Feb.12, 2015, under Boxing News




AP Images/Tony Gutierrez


NEW YORK CITY — The gloves worn by Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston in their 1965 rematch are expected to fetch upward of $1 million at auction in February.

Footage of the fight does not make it clear whether Ali’s quick right hand actually connected, and many fans booed. Even the most famous photos of the fight show an enraged Ali standing over Liston as he lay on the canvas, gesturing and yelling at him to get up and fight.  Given the controversial way the bout ended, the boxers’ gloves were seized by George Russo, the boxing commissioner for Maine. The gloves remained in the Russo family until they were purchased several years ago by a California collector who is now selling them. (continue reading…)

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‘I Am Ali’ Movie Paints an Intimate Portrait of the Man and Boxer

by on Nov.12, 2014, under Boxing News

By Juan C. Ayllon


November 11, 2014 — The movie, “I am Ali” is a touching, well-varnished multimedia scrapbook of remembrances of Muhammad Ali, the larger than life heavyweight boxing champion.  At times amber hued, others grainy black and white, it’s a montage of recollections of reporters, family members, former opponents, contemporaries and those close to Ali, juxtaposed with current footage of those being interviewed. Replete with photos, period music,  home movies and newsreel footage, it conveys the spirt of the times, as well as the man, to great effect.

It opens  with a joking, 20-something Cassius Clay wearing a suit and tie on a black and white TV game show, then and cuts to a taped telephone conversation years later with one of his daughters, Maryum Ali, who exhorts him not to fight because he’s “too old” at 37 to attempt to win the heavyweight title for a fourth time. (continue reading…)

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