The following list gives credit to "The Man Who Beat The Man" under Queensberry Rules (that is, with gloves), starting with Sullivan's win over Dominick McCaffrey in 1885. As always, ludicrous decisions of "sanctioning bodies" are ignored, though for the obsessive we have compiled a list of Title Claimants.

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Champion Nickname Reign
John L. Sullivan The Boston Strong Boy 1885-1892
James J. Corbett Gentleman Jim 1892-1897
Bob Fitzsimmons Ruby Robert 1897-1899
James J. JeffriesThe Boilermaker 1899-1905, retired
Marvin HartThe Fightin' Kentuckian 1905-1906
Tommy BurnsThe Little Giant of Hanover 1906-1908
Jack Johnson Lil' Arthur1908-1915
Jess Willard The Pottawatomie Giant 1915-1919
Jack DempseyThe Manassa Mauler 1919-1926
Gene Tunney The Fighting Marine1926-1928, retired
Max Schmeling The Black Uhlan of the Rhine 1930-1932
Jack Sharkey The Boston Gob1932-1933
Primo Carnera The Ambling Alp 1933-1934
Max Baer The "Livermore Larruper"1934-1935
James J. Braddock The Cinderella Man1935-1937
Joe Louis The Brown Bomber1937-1949, retired
Ezzard Charles The Cincinnatti Cobra1949-1951
"Jersey" Joe Walcott Jersey Joe1951-1952
Rocky Marciano The Brockton Blockbuster1952-1956, retired
Floyd Patterson The Rabbit1956-1959
Ingemar Johansson Ingo1959-1960
Floyd Patterson The Rabbit1960-1962
Charles "Sonny" Liston The Black Bear1962-1964
Cassius ClayThe Louisville Lip 1964-1967, suspended
Joe Frazier Smokin Joe1970-1973
George Foreman .Big George1973-1974
Muhammad Ali The Greatest 1974-1978
Leon SpinksNeon Leon 1978
Muhammad Ali The Greatest 1978-1979, retired 6/1979
Larry Holmes The Easton Assasin1980-1985
Michael Spinks The Spinks Jinx 1985-1988
Mike Tyson Iron Mike1988-1990
James "Buster" Douglas Buster1990
Evander Holyfield The Real Deal1990-1992
Riddick Bowe Big Daddy1992-1993
Evander Holyfield The Real Deal1993-1994
Michael Moorer Double M1994
George Foreman Big George 1994-1997
Shannon Briggs The Cannon1997-1998
Lennox Lewis The Lion 1998-2001
Hasim Rahman The Rock 2001
Lennox Lewis The Lion 2001-2004, retired
Wladimir Klitschko Dr. Steelhammer 2009-2015, from his win over Chagaev
Tyson Fury The Gypsy King 2015-2016, 2020-

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