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Axel Schulz

BORN   November 9 1968; Bad Saarow, Brandenburg, Germany
WEIGHT 199-237
MANAGER Wilfried Sauerland
TRAINER Manfred Wolke

Schulz was a big, strong, talented heavyweight with good boxing skills and a solid chin; He is best known for his 1995 showing against George Foreman in a bout that many observers thought he won

During his career, Axel won the BDB Heavyweight Championship of Germany

Schulz defeated such men as James "Bonecrusher" Smith, Ricky Parkey, Jose Nino Ribalta, Jorge Valdes, Kevin McBride, Julius Francis, Richard Mason and Jack Basting

Oct  5 George Ajio                Düsseldorf, Germany                 W  6
Nov 16 Jens Ploesser              Wandsbek, Germany                  TK  1
Dec  7 Barry Ellis                in Germany                          W  6
Dec 14 Ramon Voorn                Karlsruhe, Germany                  W  6

Feb 28 Ramon Voorn                Düsseldorf, Germany                TK  5
May 31 Steve Garber               in Germany                         KO  5
Jun 28 Laszlo Virag               Dinslaken, Germany                 TK  3
Sep 13 Steve Gee                  Düsseldorf, Germany                KO  2
Oct 12 David Muhammed             Halle, Germany                      W  8
Dec  6 Charles Dixon              Düsseldorf, Germany                KO  2

Jan 28 Ricardo Spain              Mitte, Germany                     TK  2
Mar  6 Gary McCrory               in Germany                         TK  2
Apr 25 Laszlo Paszterko           in Germany                          W  8
Sep 19 Bernd Friedrich            Kassel, Germany                     W 10
          -BDB Heavyweight Championship of Germany
Oct  2 Ricky Parkey               Charlottenburg, Germany             W  8
Dec 19 Henry Akinwande            in Germany                          D 12
          -EBU Heavyweight Championship of Europe

May  1 Henry Akinwande            in Germany                          L 12
          -EBU Heavyweight Championship of Europe
Aug  7 Kimmuel Odum               Atlantic City, NJ                   W 10
Oct 16 Carlton West               Koblenz, Germany                   KO  2

May  7 Al Evans                   Koblenz, Germany                   TK  3
Jun  4 Troy Jefferson             Dortmund, Germany                   W  8
Jun 18 Jack Basting               Chicago, Il                         W 10
Sep 17 James "Bonecrusher" Smith  Leverkusen, Germany                 W 10

Apr 22 George Foreman             Las Vegas, Nv                       L 12
          -IBF Heavyweight Championship of the World
          WBU Heavyweight Championship of the World
Dec  9 Frans Botha                Stuttgart, Germany                 NC 12
          -IBF Heavyweight Championship of the World

Jun 22 Michael Moorer             Dortmund, Germany                   L 12
          -IBF Heavyweight Championship of the World
Dec  7 Jose Nino Ribalta          Vienna, Austria                     W 10

Apr 26 Jorge Valdes               Leipzig, Germany                    W 10
Aug 30 Kevin McBride              in Germany                         TK  9

Feb 28 Julius Francis             Dortmund, Germany                   W 12
Aug 22 Richard Mason              Leipzig, Germany                    W 10

Sep 25 Wladimir Klitschko         Cologne, Germany                   LT  8
          -EBU Heavyweight Championship of Europe
          WBA Inter-Continental Heavyweight Championship

Nov 25 Brian Minto                Halle, Germany                     LT  6

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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