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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- English Bare Knuckle Champion

Jem Belcher
("Napoleon of the Ring")

BORN   April 15 1781; Bristol, England
DIED July 30 1811; Soho, London, England
HEIGHT.. 5-11 1/2
WEIGHT 152-182 lbs
BACKERS John Cullington, Fletcher Reid
Belcher was a magnificent, wonderful boxer who possessed grace, precision in his attack and a scientific defense; He began fighting as a young boy and was unbeaten until he was 24 years of age

Jem was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1992
          -Belcher began fighting at 12 years of age

       Cockroader                Lansdown, Eng               (30:00)  W   
       Corporal Norton                                              SCH   
       Pawlett                                                      SCH   
          -The previous 2 bouts were held but no data is available

Mar  6 Bob Britton               Bristol, Eng                (33:00)  W   
Aug 11 Jem Lockley               Lansdown, Eng               (25:00)  W   

Apr 12 "Paddington" Tom Jones    Wormwood Scrubbs, Eng       (33:00)  W 16
          -Middleweight Championship of England;
          Some sources report "W 10"

Jan  7 Jack Bartholomew          St. George's Fields, Eng    (40:00)  D 51
          -Championship of England;
           The elapsed time and # of rounds is questionable
May 15 Jack Bartholomew          Finchley Common, Eng        (20:00)  W 17
          -Belcher claimed the Championship of England
Dec 22 Andrew Gamble             Wimbleton Common, Eng       (10:00)  W  5
          -Championship of England

Jul 13 Joe Berks                 Wimbleton, Eng              (19:00)  W   
Oct 12 Joe Berks                 Enfield, Eng                       SCH   
          -This fight was scheduled but not held;
          Berks did not show
Nov 25 Joe Berks                 Hurley Bottom, Eng          (25:00)  W 16
          -Championship of England

Jun 17 Joe Berks                 Gruelthorp, Eng                    SCH   
          -This fight was scheduled but not held;
          A dispute arose over the stakes
Aug 19 Joe Berks                 Camberwell Fair, Eng                 W   
Aug 20 Joe Berks                 Hanover Spa, Eng            (10:00)  W 13
          -Championship of England

Apr 12 Jack Firby                London, Eng                 (20:00)  W 11
          -Championship of England
Jul 24 -Belcher lost his right eye when playing racquets with Edwin Stuart
          at the court in Little St. Martin's Lane; He retired from the ring
          (only to return later)

Dec  6 Henry "Hen" Pearce        near Doncaster, Eng         (35:00)  L 18
          -Championship of England

Apr  8 Tom Cribb                 Moulsey Hurst, Eng          (55:00)  L 41
          -Belcher knocked Cribb out in round 18 but Cribb had
          broken his right hand; The fight was allowed to 
          continue and Cribb won 35 minutes later

Feb  1 Tom Cribb                 Epsom Downs, Eng            (40:00)  L 31
          -Championship of England

*** Sketch And Some Data Provided By Rich Zampetta (of England) ***

Record courtesy of Jan Skotnicki, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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