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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- English Bare Knuckle Champion


James Burke
(the "Deaf 'Un")

BORN   December 8 1809; London, England
DIED January 8 1845; London, England (Consumption)
HEIGHT.. 5-8 1/2
WEIGHT 175-178 lbs
BACKERS Joe Parish, Marquis of Waterford; (in the USA) Bill Fuller, James Caldwell, William Brandram

1833 James Burke-Simon Byrne Fight by Christopher James Shelton

Burke was a scientific boxer of superior ability; He possessed tremendous hitting power and was game with uncommon durability; Burke was called the "Deaf Un" because he was hard of hearing from infancy

Spring was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1966 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1992.
Feb  5 Ned Murphy                Whetstone, Eng               (50:00) D 50
Jul 29 George Murray             in England                   (45:00) W   
Aug 14 Thomas Hands              Old Oak Common, Eng          (17:00) W 10
Aug 20 Young Sambo               Old Oak Common, Eng          (33:00) W 15

Mar 10 Young Berridge            Leicester, Eng               (22:00) W 11
          -Some sources date this fight in 1834
Jun  9 Bill Fitzmaurice          Harpenden Common, Eng      (2:55:00) W 166
Aug 25 Bill Cousens              Whetstone Commons, Eng     (2:03:00) L 111
Dec  1 Jes Girdler               Milford Bay, Eng             (39:00) W 17

Oct  4 Andrew Gow                Temple Mills, Eng            (25:00) W 22
Oct 26 Bob Hampson               Hampden Common, Eng          (44:00) W 41
Nov 16 Tim Crawley               Whetstone, Eng               (30:00) W 33

Feb 22 Jack Davis                Shepperton Range, Eng        (27:00) W 13
May 28 James Blissett            Colney Heath, London, Eng    (44:00) W 19

May  8 Jack Carter               Woolwich, Eng                (25:00) W 11
Jul    -Burke challenged Jem Ward; Ward declined
          and announced his retirement

Jan  8 Harry Macone              Lockington Bottom, Eng     (1:38:00) W 59
May 30 Simon Byrne               London, Eng                (3:16:00) W 99
       -Burke claimed the Championship of England but 
          Jem Ward still was regarded as champion

Jun  2 -Simon Byrne died of injuries from the fight held on May 30; 
          Burke was arrested

Jul 11 -Burke was judged and exonerated from blame for Byrne's death

           --- The Atlas (London) - July 14 1833 ---

Jul 18 Young Dutch Sam                                              SCH   
          -This fight was scheduled but not held;
          Burke could not raise the necessary money

          -Burke traveled from town to town giving boxing exhibitions
          and saved every pound to raise the money to fight Jem Ward;
          But, in the meantime, Ward raised the stakes to a higher
          amount to avoid the fight

       Harry Preston             Birmingham, Eng                    SCH   
          -This fight was scheduled but not held;
          Preston refused to fight
       Young Langan                                                 SCH   
          -This fight was scheduled but not held;
          Langan was arrested on the eve of the
          fight for assaulting police

Jan    -Burke sailed for America the ship "Oregon"

May  6 Samuel O'Rourke           New Orleans, La                     ND  3
          -The fight was stopped by local thugs
          to save O'Rourke from the beating
          he was taking
Aug 21 Tom O'Connell             Hart's Island, NY                    W 10

          -Burke returned to England

Feb 12 William Thompson          Heather, Eng                (24:00) LF 10
          -Championship of England;
          Burke was disqualified for hitting
          Thompson while he was down

Mar    -Burke claimed the Championship of England after Thompson retired

Sep 22 Nick Ward                 Lillingstone Level, Eng   (2:18:00) LF 17
          -Championship of England;
          Ward's gang forced the referee to disqualify
          Burke for an alleged foul

Jul  7 -Burke challenged William Perry to a fight; Perry refused

Jun 13 Bob Castles               Rainham Ferry, Eng         (1:10:00) W 37
          -Castles was Burke's relative by marriage

          -Burke retired and gave lessons of self-defence at
          Jem Parish's houses

          -After an iliness, he could not fight and was reduced
          to extreme poverty

Record courtesy of Jan Skotnicki, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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