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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Tom Gleason
(Thomas Patrick Gleason)

BORN   Fought out of Minnesota, Montana and the Dakotas
DIED December 4 1948
WEIGHT 130-160 lbs
MANAGER Ned Morgan



Gleason was a willing and able fighter who fought primarily in the Minnesota, Montana and Dakotas areas during the pre-1900 years; He was a stinging hitter with a long reach and possessed boxing science; Although Gleason never weighed more than 160 pounds at any time during the 10 years that he fought as a professional, it was nothing for him to give away anywhere from 40 to 50 pounds

During his career, he was the Middleweight Champion of North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana; Tom said very little and let his fists do his talking; He enjoyed successful careers in boxing, vaudeville and police work

Data from the pre-1900 years is often difficult to locate and verify - and much data missing from Gleason's career; Hopefully, more bouts will be discovered in time; Any modifications or additions are welcome

          -Gleason had a number of fights in Butte, Mt and Great Falls, Mt

       Tom Beaver                                                    ND   
          -Beaver was the Middleweight Champion of Wisconsin
          -Gleason also defeated George Siddons in 10 rounds;
           According to George A. Barton, sports writer,
           "Siddons was one of the best lightweights that 
            ever graced the ring"
          -Gleason traveled to California and engaged in bouts in San Francisco, 
           Los Angeles and San Diego

       Young Mitchell             San Francisco, Ca                   D   
          -Mitchell was the Lightweight Champion of California
Jun 18 Denis "Ike" Hayes          Fargo, ND                           W 15
          -This was a hotly contested fight in which both men were 
           severely punished; Hayes had a swollen hand, black eye
           and a cut on his head

Jul  1 -Gleason boxed exhibition bouts with several minor fighters
           in Mandan, ND

Aug 22 Jack Ingalls               Jamestown, ND                      KO   

Sep    -Gleason challenged Ed Patterson; Patterson declined 

Jan    -Efforts were being made to match Gleason against Denis "Ike" Hayes
           in Mandan, ND
Jul    -Gleason was scheduled to spar in Grand Forks, ND

       Jack Burke                 Fargo, ND                           W 10
          -Burke fought out of "New Orleans, La"

       Ike Davis                  Fargo, ND                           W 15
Jul 26 J. Haverlick               Fort Yates, ND                      D 15
          -Some sources report "Winoua, Mn"
       George Peters              Minneapolis, Mn                     W  7
          -Peters was known as the "Detroit Cyclone"
Jun 14 Buff McManus               Minneapolis, Mn                    ND   
       Walter Johnson             Fargo, ND                           D   
          -Weights: 160-196

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       John L. Sullivan                                              EX   

*** Most Data Was Provided By Bob Palmer ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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