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Clarence Henry

BORN   March 27 1926; San Antonio, Texas (fought out of Los Angeles, California)
HEIGHT.. 6-1
WEIGHT 181-195 lbs
MANAGERS Jack Dempsey, Frank "Blinky" Palermo
RECORD 34-6-1 (19 KO, 1 EX, 1 NC)

Henry was a smallish heavyweight but an explosive hitter;  During his career, he won the Heavyweight Championship of California, the Heavyweight Championship of the Pacific Coast and was a top challenger for the Heavyweight Championship of the World; He also won the 1948 Los Angeles Times Golden Gloves Heavyweight Championship

Clarence defeated such men as "Irish" Bob Murphy, Jimmy Bivins, Charlie "Doc" Williams, Rusty Payne, Albert "Turkey" Thompson, Bob Baker, Bob Satterfield and Willie Bean

Henry was inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 1998

Jul  6 Al Timmons                 Los Angeles, Ca                     W  4
          -Some sources report 7/07/48
Jul 20 Don Wagner                 Los Angeles, Ca                    KO  1
Jul 26 Tommy Jessen               Los Angeles, Ca                    TK  3
Aug 24 Billy Kinard               Los Angeles, Ca                     W  4
Oct 18 John Curtis                Los Angeles, Ca                     W  4
Dec  7 John Curtis                Los Angeles, Ca                    KO  2
Dec 30 "Young" Harry Wills        Hollywood, Ca                      KO  2

Feb  8 Don Espensen               Los Angeles, Ca                    TK  1
          -Some sources report "Don Angen"
May 16 Billy McClure              Los Angeles, Ca                    TD  7
          -This bout was stopped; An accidental head butt occurred
Aug  9 George "Baby Dutch" Culbertson Los Angeles, Ca                TK  9
Sep  2 Jay Lambert                Hollywood, Ca                      KO  3
Sep 27 Jimmy Bivins               Los Angeles, Ca                    LT  8
Nov 23 Battling Blackjack         Phoenix, Az                        TK  4
          -Some sources report 11/24/49
Dec 12 "Oakland" Billy Smith      San Francisco, Ca                  NC  8

Jan 12 Joe Louis                  Wilmington, Ca                     EX  4
Jan 30 Frankie Daniels            Los Angeles, Ca                     W 10
Feb 13 Battling Brown             Tucson, Az                         KO  1
Feb 21 "Irish" Bob Murphy         Los Angeles, Ca                    TK  6
Apr 21 Al Spaulding               San Diego, Ca                      KO  1
          -Some sources report 4/28/50
Jun 13 John Holman                Los Angeles, Ca                     W 10
Jun 27 Frank Buford               Los Angeles, Ca                     W 10
Jul 25 Frank Buford               Los Angeles, Ca                     L 12
Aug  4 Rusty Payne                Hollywood, Ca                      KO  1
Sep 15 Albert "Turkey" Thompson   Hollywood, Ca                       W 10
Oct 24 Bob Dunlap                 Los Angeles, Ca                    TK  2
Nov 17 Charlie "Doc" Williams     Hollywood, Ca                       W 10
Dec 19 Willie Bean                Los Angeles, Ca                     W 12

Jan 12 Omelio Agramonte           New York, NY                        W  8
Apr  2 George "Baby Dutch" Culbertson Philadelphia, Pa               TK  2
May 23 Embrel Davidson            Detroit, Mi                        TK  8
Jun  6 Omelio Agramonte           Detroit, Mi                         W 10
Jun 26 Jimmy Bivins               Los Angeles, Ca                     W 10
Aug  7 Frank Buford               Los Angeles, Ca                     W 10
Nov 23 Bob Baker                  New York, NY                       KO  8
Dec 13 Walter Hafer               Akron, Oh                          KO  2

Jan 30 Bob Satterfield            Chicago, Il                        TK  1
Mar 17 Harold Johnson             Philadelphia, Pa                    L 10
May 26 Maynard Jones              Allentown, Pa                      KO  4
Jun 26 Archie Moore               Baltimore, Md                       L 10

Jul 27 Shirley Pemberton          Allentown, Pa                       W  8
Dec 21 Bob Baker                  Brooklyn, NY                        W 10

Feb 17 Jimmy Slade                Washington, DC                      L 10
Mar  1 Tommy "Hurricane" Jackson  Brooklyn, NY                        L 10

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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