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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Title Claimant

Ben Jordan

BORN   April 1 1873; Bermondsey, London, England
DIED January 18 1945; London, England
HEIGHT 5-5 1/2 (Some sources report 5-4 1/2)
WEIGHT 115-128 lbs
MANAGER Martin Dowling

Jordan was an exceptionally talented boxer who had a muscular chest and shoulders; He owned a long reach, a good left jab and used two hands well; He was a good inside fighter with a stiff punch who could get rough with elbows and arms in clinches

Ben was talented on defense too - quick and nimble on his feet - and able to block or dodge blows

During his career, he defeated George Dixon twice, Thomas "Pedlar" Palmer, Fred Johnson, Tommy White, Harry Greenfield, Eddie Curry and George Justice; He has been vastly underrated over the years

Undated (1892-1894)
       Alf Buckingham                                                KO  1
       George Murray                                                 KO  2
       Bert Smith                                                    KO  3
       W.C. Wood                                                     KO  3
       Dave Wallace                                                  LK  9
       Tiny Bishop                                                   KO  4
       Snowball                                                      KO  1
       Harry Munroe                                                  KO  1
       Alf Johnson                                                   KO  6
       Jack Welland                                                  KO  2
       Tom Cooper                                                    KO  4
       Bill Connolly                                                 KO  3
       Snipe Reynolds                                                KO  2
       Darkey Wallace                                                 W  6
          -Perhaps, this is the 12/05/98 bout
       Curley Perrin                                                  W  4
       Charlie Meacock                                                W 10
          -Perhaps, this is the 2/13/96 bout
       Bill Connolly                                                  W  6
       Bill Connolly                                                  W  6

Oct 29 Dave Wallace                                                   W  6

Jan 28 Jack Gray                  London, England                     W  3
Jan 28 Sid Phillips               London, England                     W  3
Jan 28 Jim Whelan                 London, England                     W  3
          -The previous 3 bouts were held the same date
Oct 28 James "Jem" Gough          London, England                    KO  3

Feb 13 Charlie Meacock            London, England                    KO 10
Jun  2 Joe Portley                London, England                    KO 19
          -Some sources report 6/03/96

Feb 22 Fred Johnson               London, England                    KO 13
          -Featherweight Championship of Britain
Sep 13 -Jordan challenged William "Spike" Sullivan and Patsy Haley to bouts
           in England
Nov  5 Joe Bernstein              London, England                   SCH   
          -The previous bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Nov 29 Tommy White                London, England                    TK 19
          -Featherweight Championship of Britain;
           The weight limit was 124 lbs
Dec 10 -Jordan was challenged to a bout by Alf Wright

Apr  4 Joe Hopkins                London, England                   SCH   
          -The previous bout was scheduled but was cancelled;
           Hopkins could not make 122 lbs
Apr  4 Eddie Curry                London, England                    TK 17
          -Featherweight Championship of Britain;
           Some sources report "WF 17"
May    -Jordan was challenged to a bout by Dave Sullivan
May 29 -Jordan was challenged to a bout by Solly Smith
Jun    -Jordan began training for the George Dixon bout at Coney Island, NY
           with Harry Newbar, Billy Delluck, and Benny Murphy
Jul  1 George Dixon               New York, NY                        W 25
          -Featherweight Championship of the World;
           Aside from a nosebleed and some red marks on his ribs,
           Jordan showed no signs of a severe battle
Jul  2 -Dave Sullivan posted forfeit money to meet Jordan
Jul  8 -Jordan covered Dave Sullivan's forfeit money
Jul  8 Elwood McCloskey           Philadelphia, Pa                   ND  6
Dec  5 Darkey Wallace             London, England                   SCH   
          -The previous bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known;
           The weight limit was 122 lbs

Mar 24 Ernie Stanton              Liverpool, England                 EX  3
May 29 Harry Greenfield           London, England                    KO  9
          -Featherweight Championship of the World;
           Featherweight Championship of Britain
Sep 25 Oscar Gardner              Brooklyn, NY                      SCH   
          -The previous bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Oct 26 Oscar Gardner              Brooklyn, NY                      SCH   
          -The previous bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Oct 10 Eddie Santry               New York, NY                       LK 10
          -Featherweight Championship of the World;
           Some sources report "LK 16"

Apr 23 Bill Fielder               London, England                    D  6
May 28 Tommy "Kid" Hogan          London, England                   KO  4

Jun 23 Dennis "Kid" McFadden      London, England                   KO 15
          -Jordan, the favorite in this bout by a large margin,
           was down in the 12th round in a “fine struggle"
Oct 20 Jack Roberts               London, England                   KO  5
          -Featherweight Championship of Britain

May  2 George Dixon               London, England                    W  6
May 11 George Justice             London, England                    W  6

Mar 10 -Aurelio Herrera had an offer to go over to England
           to fight Jordan on May 28, 1904 in London
Dec 12 Thomas "Pedlar" Palmer     London, England                    W 15
          -Featherweight Championship of Britain
Dec 29 Frankie Howe               New York, NY                      EX  3

Jan  4 Harry Shea                 New York, NY                      EX  3

*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***

Nov  9 Tommy "Kid" Hogan                                             W   

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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