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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Jimmy Kennard
(the "St. Paul Kid")

BORN   (Fought out of St. Paul, Minnesota)
WEIGHT 115 lbs

Kennard was a feisty scrapper who came to fight and gave it his all; He was called the Bantamweight Champion of the West and, reportedly, won the 110 Pound championship of America in 1889

During his career, Jimmy defeated such men as Billy Murray, Tommy Dixon, Harry "Young" Walton, Jack Hanley, Samuel "Reddy" Strauss, Jack Lyman, Frank McHugh and Tom Flaherty

Apr 18 Frankie McHugh             Dayton, Oh                          D 20

Jan    Mike Coburn                near Toledo, Oh                    LK 19
          -This bout was held prior to 1/07/1889;
           It was a hard battle on a rainy day;
           Queensberry rules were used
Feb 10 Tommy Ward                 Findlay, Oh                        LK  6
          -Lightweight Championship of Ohio
Jun 21 Dan Graham                 Buffalo, NY                        TK 14
          -Some sources report "TK 13"
Jul 29 Jack Hanley                Buffalo, NY                         W  4
          -Some sources report "ND 4"
Jul 30 Ike Farrell                Buffalo, NY                        ND  4
Aug 27 Billy Murray               Troy, NY                           TK 14
          -110 lb Championship of America;
           Some sources report 8/26/1889
Nov  8 Harry Walton               near Buffalo, NY                   TK  7
          -Some sources report "TK 8"
Nov 11 Tommy "Spider" Kelly       Hoboken, NJ                        EX  3
Nov 14 -Kennard was scheduled to spar for a week in Hoboken, NJ
Nov 28 Samuel "Reddy" Strauss     Buffalo, NY                         D 10
Dec 12 Samuel "Reddy" Strauss     Buffalo, NY                         D  4

Jan    Ike Farrell                                                  SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Jan 17 Samuel "Reddy" Strauss     Buffalo, NY                        TK 35
Jan 29 John Van Heest             Buffalo, NY                       SCH   
          -An attempt was made to hold this bout; Sheriff Veiling prevented it
Mar 11 Jack Lyman                 Buffalo, NY                        TK 22
          -Some sources report 3/12/1890; Some sources report "TK 2"
May 21 Frankie McHugh             Buffalo, NY                        KO 26
          -Some sources report 5/22/1890
Jul 30 Tommy Warren               Buffalo, NY                       SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but postponed; Kennard was ill
Dec 16 Billy Murray               Stamford, Ct                       KO 13

Apr 18 -Kennard challenged Billy Plimmer to a bout
May  6 Fred Warner                Syracuse, NY                        L  6
Jun  6 Fred Warner                Syracuse, NY                        D  6
          -Some sources report 6/08/1892; Some sources report "D 10"

Jan 11 -Kennard was challenged to a bout by Danny Sheehan,
          reportedly, the Canadian Featherweight Champion
Feb  8 Maxey Haugh                Buffalo, NY                       SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Aug 16 Jack Burke                 Buffalo, NY                       SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Sep 21 -Kennard was sent to the penitentiary at Buffalo for
          assaulting his wife
Dec    Michael McCormick          near Dunkirk, NY                  SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known;
           McCormick was called the Lightweight Champion of Western Pennsylvania

Apr  2 Jack Cunningham            Lyons, NY                          TK  2
May  8 Tommy Dixon                Buffalo, NY                         D  6
May 10 George Siddons             Buffalo, NY                         L  6
Jul 13 Gene Flanagan              Chicago, Il                        KO  4
Dec  1 Andy Watson                Philadelphia, Pa                  SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known

Mar  2 an unnamed opponent        Erie, Pa                          SCH   
          -This bout was held; The outcome is not known;
           This bout was apparently "faked"
Mar  8 -The Philadelphia (Pa) Item reported that Kennard had
          been ordered out of Erie County by Judge Seaver; He 
          figured in a fake prize fight which was stopped last 
Jul    Louis Jester               near Binghamton, NY               SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Oct 15 Tom Flaherty               Lynn, Ma                           TK  2

Jan  8 Jerry Sullivan             Central Falls, RI                   D 25
Feb 10 Andy King                  Boston, Ma                         KO  3
Feb 22 Joe Gans                   Boston, Ma                         LT  6
Feb 25 Martin Flaherty            Lynn, Ma                           LT  1
          -Some sources report "L 1"
Mar 28 Andy Mahoney               in New York state                   W 15
May  5 Joe Connelly               Elizabeth, NJ                       W   
          -Sources report that Kennard won in "short order" 
           so it was probably a "KO"

Jun 29 Mike Daly                  Johnstown, Pa                     D 10

Jan 14 Jack McClelland            Millvale, Pa                       LT  9
          -Some sources report 1/13/1898;
           Some sources report "New York, NY";
           Reports vary - "L 9" - "ND 9"
Jan 25 Jack Kinlaw                McKeesport, Pa                      L 10
          -Some sources report 1/24/98
Mar  5 Paddy Young                Toledo, Oh                          D 10

Feb  3 John Henry Johnson         Madison, Wi                         D  6
          -Some sources report 2/04/1899
Feb 11 Kid Ryan                   Chicago, Il                         L  6
          -Some sources report 2/16/1899
Mar 17 Art Lucas                  Chicago, Il                         L  6
Aug 27 Buck Stelzer               Newark, Oh                         LK  4
          -Some sources report 8/28/1899

Jan 13 Gus Bezenah                Cincinnati, Oh                     LK  5

May  8 Tommy Dixon                Buffalo, NY                         W  6
Aug 19 Jimmy McDonald             Butte, Mt                           L  6

Nov 16 Jack Weday                 Honolulu, Oahu, Hi                  L 10

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       Young Quill                                                    W  6
       Martin Flaherty            Hoboken, NJ                        LT  1
          -Some sources report "L 1"; Some report "L 4";
           Perhaps, this is a reference to the 02/25/1896 bout

*** Some Data Provided By Mike DeLisa ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization