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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Title Contender

Jack Moffatt

BORN   1877; Springfield, Illinois (Fought out of Chicago, Illinois)
HEIGHT.. 5-8 1/2
WEIGHT 152-161 lbs
MANAGER.. Sam Pooler

Moffatt was a topnotch fighter from Chicago; He was capable, could use his boxing skills or could punch; He never weighed more than a middleweight but frequently battled heavier men

Jack is most famous for his battles with Jack Root; He defeated such men as Al Neill, George "Mystery" Kerwin, Jim Jaynie, Harry Peppers, Charles Johnson, Jack Hammond, Frank Purcell, "Scaldy" Bill Quinn, Bob Douglass, Billy Mahan, George Pierce and Charles "Rough House" Burns

Jan 18 Mike Haggerty              Chicago, Il                        KO  4
Dec    George "Mystery" Kerwin    Chicago, Il                         L  4
          -Kerwin appears to have been an amateur at this time;
           Some sources report "W 4"

Aug 10 Arthur Schultz             Chicago, Il                         W  4
Aug 16 George "Mystery" Kerwin    Chicago, Il                        KO  4
Sep 13 George "Mystery" Kerwin    Chicago, Il                         D  5
Nov 20 Edward Wheeler             Chicago, Il                        KO  1

Feb    George Ryan                Milwaukee, Wi                       D  3
          -Some sources report "L 3"; Police intervened
Feb    John Loughlin              Chicago, Il                         W  6
Feb    Mike Carroll               Chicago, Il                         W  3
Mar 26 Jack Root                  Chicago, Il                         L  6
          -Some sources report 2/26/98
Apr 23 George Ryan                Chicago, Il                         W  6
Apr 28 Jim Janey                  Chicago, Il                         D  6
May 14 Jack Root                  Chicago, Il                         L  6
May 26 Bob Douglass               Chicago, Il                         W  6
Jun  3 Jim Janey                  Chicago, Il                         W  6
Jul 19 Jack Hammond               Toledo, Oh                         TK 10
          -Some sources report "W 10"; Some sources report 7/20/98
Aug  8 Billy Mahan                Chicago, Il                        KO  3
          -Some sources report 8/01/98; Some sources report "W 6"
Sep  5 Jim Janey                  Toledo, Oh                          W 15
Oct 26 Bob Douglass               St. Louis, Mo                       W 15
          -Some sources report 10/27/98
Nov 19 Pete Powers                Chicago, Il                         D  6
Nov 28 Fred Lang                  Chicago, Il                         W  6

Jan 21 Pete Powers                Chicago, Il                        KO  4
Feb  7 "Scaldy" Bill Quinn        Chicago, Il                         W  6
Apr 14 Harry Peppers              Chicago, Il                         W  6
          -Some sources report 4/04/99
Apr 26 Frank Purcell              St. Louis, Mo                       W 20
May 20 Charles "Rough House" Burns Chicago, Il                        W  6
Jun 15 Charles Johnson            Chicago, Il                         W  6
          -Some sources report 6/14/99
Aug 31 Tommy Ryan                 Dubuque, Ia                         L 20
Sep 27 George Pierce              Denver, Co                          W  6
          -Some sources report "TK 6"
Nov 10 Frank Purcell              Chicago, Il                         W  6
       Jim Adams                  Chicago, Il                         W  6
Dec 12 George Gardner             Brooklyn, NY                       LT  8
          -Some sources report "L 7"; Some sources report that Moffatt broke an arm

Jun  8 Al Neill                   San Francisco, Ca                  TK 11
          -Some sources report "W 11"
Jul 13 Al Neill                   San Francisco, Ca                   W 20
Sep 12 Al Neill                   San Francisco, Ca                  LT  3
          -Some sources report 9/13/00; Some sources report "L 3"

Jul  4 George Gardner             San Francisco, Ca                  LT  3

Jan  4 Tim Draffin Murphy         Chicago, Il                         W  6
Feb 17 Billy Stift                Chicago, Il                        LT  3

*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       Jack Weday                                                    LK  6

*** Photo And Some Data Were Provided By Alan Knox ***
*** Some Data Was Provided By Martin Stapleton ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization