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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Joe Percente

BORN   February 29 1876; Naples, Italy (Some sources report 1877)
DIED March 10 1928; Milwaukee, Wisconsin
WEIGHT 130-135 lbs

Percente was a capable fighter who gave as well as he got; He was fearless and got into the ring with anyone who wanted to fight

During his career, he defeated Oscar "Battling" Nelson and earned draws with Nelson, Jake Magmer and Adam Ryan

Jan 25 Alex Burke                 Milwaukee, Wi                     D  4
Feb 16 Joe Goss                   Sheboygan, Wi                    KO  3
Feb 24 Alex Burke                 Milwaukee, Wi                     W  4
Mar 23 Ned Maber                  Sheboygan, Wi                     D  6
Sep 26 Jake Magmer                Milwaukee, Wi                     L  6
Oct 27 Fred Kessler               Milwaukee, Wi                     L  6
          -Some sources report "George Kessler"
Oct 30 Adam Ryan                  Green Bay, Wi                     L 10
Dec  8 Jim Morris                 Milwaukee, Wi                     W  6
Dec 15 Charles Berry              Sheboygan, Wi                     D  6
Dec 28 Charles Berry              Milwaukee, Wi                     L  6

Jan  1 Adam Ryan                  Green Bay, Wi                     L 10
Feb  5 Larry Gleason              Milwaukee, Wi                    ND  6
Feb 17 Al Moss                    Sheboygan, Wi                    KO  1
Mar  2 Charles Berry              Madison, Wi                       W  3
Mar  9 Jimmy Lane                 Sheboygan, Wi                    KO  3
Mar 16 Al Moss                    Sheboygan, Wi                    KO  2
Mar 23 Charles Berry              Madison, Wi                       D 10
Jun  5 Perry Queenan              Sheboygan, Wi                     D 10
Jun 12 Con O'Leary                Chicago, Il                      KO  2
Jun 23 Ole Olson                  Chicago, Il                      LF  3
Sep 24 Mickey Riley               Milwaukee, Wi                     D  6
Oct 19 Fred Kessler               Milwaukee, Wi                    KO  3
Nov 12 Martin Duffy               Milwaukee, Wi                     L  6
Dec  7 Oscar "Battling" Nelson    Chicago, Il                      LF  2
Dec    Ed Johnson                 Milwaukee, Wi                    LK  1

Jan 18 Ted Malone                 Milwaukee, Wi                    LK  2
Feb  7 Harry Spore                Oshkosh, Wi                      TK  6
Feb 15 Jake Magmer                Milwaukee, Wi                     L  6
Feb 28 Jake Magmer                Oshkosh, Wi                       D  8
Mar  2 Perry Queenan              Sheboygan, Wi                     L 10
Apr  5 Morris Jacobs              Milwaukee, Wi                    LF  4
Oct 17 Adam Ryan                  Kenosha, Wi                       D 10
          -Some sources report "L 10"
Nov 15 Oscar "Battling" Nelson    Milwaukee, Wi                     W  6
Nov 21 Ed Santry                  Sheboygan, Wi                    ND  6
Dec  2 Oscar "Battling" Nelson    Milwaukee, Wi                     D  6

* The grandson of Joe Percente, also named Joe Percente, states that Joe boxed little (if any)
  after 1901; He retired from boxing at an early age because he worked in factories and toxic
  conditions gave him heart problems

* Percente was advised to retire by his doctor who thought he had developed a weak heart; He 
  aspired to work for the local Fire Department; He ended up as a seller of newspapers

* There were two other boxers who called themselves "Joe Percente" and boxed in the midwest 
  from 1902-1920

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       Tony Turtle                Chicago, Il                      KO  3
          -Was this man "Tony Turturtell" ?
       Snowball                   Chicago, Il                      KO  2
       Jimmy Fitzgerald           Chicago, Il                      KO  4

       Charles Higgins            Sheboygan, Wi                     D 10
       Jimmy Fitzgerald           Chicago, Il                       D  4

       Charles Apfel              Sheboygan, Wi                     W  4

*** The Following Bouts Are Often Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       "Cyclone" Johnny Thompson                                   LK  4

Jan  6 Henry Howard               Kenosha, Wi                      TK  2
Jan 17 Charles Berry              Milwaukee, Wi                     D  6
Feb 24 Jack McInerny              Chicago, Il                      KO  3
Mar  7 Young Walcott              Chicago, Il                       W  6
          -This man was really "Buck (Bud) Montgomery"
Mar 10 Joe Elliott                Chicago, Il                       D  6
Mar 13 Oscar "Battling" Nelson    Oshkosh, Wi                       L  8
Apr 24 "Scaldy" Bill Quinn        St. Louis, Mo                    LT  5

Jan 16 Charles Berry              Hurley, Wi                       LK  3
Jan 26 Paddy Norton               Milwaukee, Wi                     D  6
Feb  7 Kid Lee                    St. Paul, Mn                     LK  5
Feb  9 "Cyclone" Johnny Thompson  Milwaukee, Wi                     D  6
          -Some sources report "L 6"
Feb 12 Charles Berry              Hurley, Wi                       LK 10

Jun  1 Ray Bronson                Brighton Beach, NY                L 10
Aug 18 Ray Bronson                Brighton Beach, NY              SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held

Jun 15 Sailor Rowe                Baltimore, Md                    KO  5

Jun  5 Tommy Dillon               Muncie, In                       ND  6

Jan  7 Neal Allison               Waterloo, Ia                     LK  7

Dec 30 Kid McKeever               Logansport, In                   ND 10
*** Much Personal Data Was Provided By Joe Percente (grandson)***
*** Photo Plus Much Data Was Provided By William Schutte ***

*** Assistance Was Provided By Seth Callis ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization