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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Ted Pritchard

BORN   1866; Lambeth, London, England
(Some sources report July 15 1869)
DIED November 19 1903; London, England (pneumonia)
HEIGHT 5-9 (Some sources report 5-10)
WEIGHT 145-160 lbs


Pritchard had a long reach and excellent shoulders; He hit hard for his size and weight - and was considered one of the best fighters seen in England in years according to the National Police Gazette; He tangled with men larger than himself and did well; During his career, he held the the middleweight and heavyweight championships of England

Many old reports are very contradictory; If anyone discovers conclusive data that disagrees with these fight results, please advise Tracy Callis

         -Pritchard traveled with Bob Webb's Boxing Troupe and gained 
          valuable early experience

       the "Windsor Castle"       London, England                  KO  2

Oct    Yorkey (of Leeds)          London, England                  KO  2
Oct    -Pritchard challenged any 144-lb man in the world
Dec  6 Dave Galvin                London, England                   W  3
Dec  7 Dick Leary                 London, England                   W  4
          -Some sources report "W 2" vs "Nick Leary"
Dec  8 Dave Burke                 London, England                   W  4
          -Some sources report "W 1"; The previous 3 bouts were 
           held the same date at Frank Hinde's Christmas Show; 
           Pritchard won the 142 lbs Championship Competition;
           Some sources report 140 lbs Championship Competition

Feb 19 Darby Hayes                London, England                  TK  4
          -Some sources report 144/145 Championship of England;
           Some sources report "Jim Hayes"; Pritchard had 
           Hayes decisively beaten when the crowd broke into
           the ring; Reports vary - "WF 4" - "D 4"
Jun  6 Alec Burns                 London, England                  KO  2
          -146/148 lbs Championship of England;
           London Rules were used

Oct  4 Billy McCarthy             London, England                 SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Dec 15 Alf Mitchell               London, England                  TK  4
          -154 lbs Championship of England;
           Some sources report the bout was cancelled;
           Other sources say Pritchard was ill with the Grip;
           Reports vary - 2/03/90 and 1891

Mar 12 Jack Burke                 London, England                  KO  3
          -154 lbs Championship of England;
           Some sources report "KO 8";
           Some sources report 3/01/91
Jul 27 Jem Smith                  London, England                  TK  3
          -Heavyweight Championship of England;
           Queensberry rules were used

1892 Jun John O'Brien London, England SCH -This bout was scheduled for "Jun 1892" or "Jul 1892"; The outcome is not known Aug 20 Jim Hall Brighton, England LK 4 -160 lbs Championship of the World (as recognized by England); Some sources report 8/22/92; Some sources report "London, England" Sep 5 Bob Fitzsimmons New Orleans, La SCH -This "bout-to-the-finish" was scheduled contingent upon Pritchard cancelling his summer fight with John O'Brien; It was not held Sep 12 Jim Hall London, England EX 6 -Some sources report "ND 6" 1893 Jun 13 Jim Hall London, England LK 3 1894 Nov 25 Dick Burge London, England KO 2 -Pritchard claimed the 160 lbs Championship of England; Some sources report 11/26/94 Dec 17 Frank Craig London, England LK 1 -158 lbs Championship of England; Some sources report Heavyweight Championship of England 1895 May 10 Jem Smith London, England LK 2 -Heavyweight Championship of England; Some sources report "LK 3" 1894-1897 Frank "Paddy" Slavin SCH -This bout was tentatively scheduled but cancelled; Negotiations fell through *** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed *** 1889 May Johnny Robinson ? -Middleweight Championship of England; Sources report that Robinson "had been" 144 lbs champion of England since 4/04/84 1892 Jim Hall Brighton, Eng D 6 1894 Dec 13 Dick Moore in England D 6

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization