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Tyson TKO 3 Golota
By Pusboil

October 21, 2000

W ell, let's start by saying there were no low blows, no bites, no intentional head butts, no shooting, no stabbing and nobody got hit on the head with a cell phone. Already this is an improvement over the past few years for two of the most notoriously nasty fighters we have seen in a while.

The Ol' Spit Bucket told me this would be a good fear and loathing type article that I love to write. Well Golota had the fear and Tyson had the loathing. Besides that, all my fear and loathing was for the pre and post fight occurrences, but more on that later.

Both fighters played by the rules tonight. Apparently Golota thought 6 minutes in the ring with Tyson was all that he could handle. A la Oliver McCall, Golota just refused to continue into the third round. He paced the ring shoved Al Certo , his trainer, away from him. Pushed away referee Frank Garza and just said no more.

Tyson came out like he normally does, throwing a few haymakers to the get the night going. Tyson appeared unusually calm compared to how he has looked lately. He came in low avoiding Golota's slower punches and pushed the bigger man back.

With 13 seconds to go in the first round, Tyson landed a crisp right hand that dropped Golota. You could almost see the shockwave travel down Golota's body as he went down. But he was up pretty quick and seemed none the worse for wear.

The second round was a better round for Golota, not that he won it, but he was never hurt and managed to land a few clean shots of his own. But it seemed Golota just lost it at the end of the round. When the camera reached Golota's corner, he was refusing to sit down, just pacing around, and refusing his mouthpiece.

Let me say this clearly, this was NOT a controversy. Steve Albert used that word repeatedly to describe the end of this fight. Andrew Golota did not commit an act of cowardice tonight as Albert said. The man just lost it. Andrew Golota's purse will be probably be held up, I don't have a feeling either way on this. There is nothing in the rules of boxing that says a fighter cannot quit.

I don't support Golota. I just believe the man is not well and should seriously entertain entering another line of work. Boxing is not the way for him to earn a living any longer.

Mike Tyson fought a good, clean and smart fight tonight. He seemed like he understood there were rules to be followed and did so accordingly. There was talk before the fight that Tyson would retire after this, please contact me regarding some swamp land in Florida I have to sell, if you believe this will happen.

I didn't believe it before the fight and definitely not after. He will fight again. There are two possible "big" fights for Tyson following this, one is with the winner of the Lewis-Tua fight this December, the other is the third part of a trilogy with Evander Holyfield.

Who knows which will be the one?? Personally, I'd really prefer the Lewis-Tua winner. I don't want to see Evander in the ring again, against Tyson or anyone else.

Golota allowed himself to be interviewed in the dressing room after the fight, which surprised me. He complained a little about a head butt from Tyson opening the cut over his left eye. But what I noticed the most was Golota's speech patterns. He was stammering almost every sentence. Not from head injury, just from nerves I think. It was a little hard to watch for me. I really felt pity for the man.

Tyson proved for two rounds that he was presumably sane. I hope this is not a flash in the pan. While he no longer has the skills that once made him one of the best we have seen, the boxing ability and technique he has always seems to peek out and remind me of when he was young and unstoppable. If he can continue to fight this way, I wish him all the luck in the world.

Fear and loathing department----

  • Introducing the ring walks makes me gag. Get 'em in the ring, introduce 'em, and get it over with.
  • The Cash Money Millionaires rapping Tyson into the ring was atrocious. These guys need to change their name. I can't imagine they've sold more than $1.95 worth of CDs yet. Roy Jones' rap was better than this.
  • Steve Albert speaking, period.
  • Fans heaving all kinds of crap at Golota as he walked away from the ring. Big tough guys, who would shit their pants if Golota was standing in front of them.
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