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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer/Title Contender

Emmett Rocco

BORN   December 18 1906; Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
DIED December 5 1961; Los Angeles, California
WEIGHT.. 180-195 lbs
MANAGERS Joe Cumo, Al Zill, Joe Alexander, Ben Rocco

Rocco was a determined fighter whose career began in wonderful style; He did not lose an official bout until his third year as a professional in his 26th contest; Once he stepped up in competition, his performance had its ups and downs as it does with most top fighters; His record would appear much better had he not fought past his best and lost 11 of his last 12 contests

Emmett defeated such men as Battling Levinsky, Johnny Risko, King Levinsky, Tom Heeney, Frankie Wine, Patsy Perroni, Moise Bouquillon, Tom Kirby and "Big" Bill Hartwell; He also bested in "No Decision" bouts Joe Skyra, Yale Okun and Clarence "Sandy" Seifert

Rocco was inducted into the Lawrence County Sports Hall of Fame in 1991

Feb  3 Ray Fay                    McKeesport, Pa                      W  6
          -Some sources report "L 6"
Mar  3 William "Battling" Gahee   McKeesport, Pa                      W 10
          -Some sources report "W 6"
Mar 10 Frank Flournoy             Youngstown, Oh                     KO  3
          -Some sources report "KO 4" vs "Frank Florian"
Mar 21 Jack Hogan                 Pittsburgh, Pa                     TK  3
Mar 25 Steve Emmerich             Youngstown, Oh                     KO  1
Apr 11 Steve Emmerich             Youngstown, Oh                     KO  2
Apr 14 Pedro Lopez                McKeesport, Pa                      W 10
Jun 21 Andy Moran                 Youngstown, Oh                     TK  6
Jul    Jack Byrne                                                    KO  2
Jul 15 Billy Welch                                                    W  6
Aug 15 Joe Burke                                                     KO  3
Aug 31 Quintin Romero-Rojas       Youngstown, Oh                     KO  5
Sep 19 "Sailor" Tom Maxted        New Castle, Pa                     KO  2
Oct 11 Clarence "Sandy" Seifert   Youngstown, Oh                   ND-W 10
Nov 29 Jack McAuliffe II          Youngstown, Oh                   ND-L 12
Dec  5 George Gemas               Pittsburgh, Pa                     TK  5
          -Some sources report "KO 4"

Jan  2 Clarence "Sandy" Seifert   Youngstown, Oh                   ND-L 12
          -Some sources report "W 12"
Apr 11 Harold "Young" Scarney     Youngstown, Oh                     KO  4
Jun  6 Battling Levinsky          Akron, Oh                        ND-L 10
Jun 25 Battling Levinsky          New Castle, Pa                      W 10
Sep 14 Al Friedman                New Castle, Pa                      W 10
Oct 10 Joe Sekyra                 Youngstown, Oh                   ND-L 10
Nov 14 Joe Sekyra                 Youngstown, Oh                   ND-W 12
Dec 12 Frankie Wine               Akron, Oh                        ND-W 10

Jan  1 "Big" Bill Hartwell        Akron, Oh                           W 10 
Jan 25 Jack Gross                 New York, NY                        L 10 
Feb 21 Yale Okun                  Youngstown, Oh                   ND-W 10 
Mar  1 Al Friedman                Cleveland, Oh                    ND-L  6 
May  7 Johnny Risko               Cleveland, Oh                       W 12 
Jun 10 Otto von Porat             Chicago, Il                        LT  8 
Jul 29 Johnny Risko               Cleveland, Oh                       L 12 
Nov  8 Tom Kirby                  Cleveland, Oh                      KO  9 
Nov 22 Marty Gallagher            Boston, Ma                          W 10 
Dec  9 Moise Bouquillon           Cleveland, Oh                       W 10 

Feb 21 Frankie Simms              Cleveland, Oh                       L 10
          -Some sources report 2/20/30
Mar  3 Ed Keeley                  New Castle, Pa                     TK  6
Mar 17 Al Friedman                New Castle, Pa                      L 10
Apr 24 Gene Stanton               Akron, Oh                        ND-L 10
Aug 18 Patsy Perroni              North Braddock, Pa                  W 10
Sep  8 Battling Bozo              Birmingham, Al                   ND-L 10
Sep 29 Gerald "Tuffy" Griffiths   Detroit, Mi                        LK  2
Oct 13 Tom Heeney                 Pittsburgh, Pa                      W 10
Oct 27 George Panka               Pittsburgh, Pa                     KO  6
Nov 11 Angus Snyder               Oklahoma City, Ok                   D 10
Dec  1 Al Friedman                Pittsburgh, Pa                      D 10
Dec 15 Frankie Wine               Youngstown, Oh                      W 10

Jan 28 Arthur DeKuh               Wichita, Ks                        LK  3
Feb 24 Meyer "K.O." Christner     Akron, Oh                        ND-L 10
Mar 16 Joe Sekyra                 New Castle, Pa                      L 10
Apr 27 King Levinsky              Pittsburgh, Pa                      W 10
May  8 King Levinsky              Chicago, Il                         L 10
Jun 17 Stanley Poreda             Cleveland, Oh                      LT 10
Aug 31 Gerald "Tuffy" Griffiths   North Braddock, Pa                 LK  5
Sep 15 Meyer "K.O." Christner     Canton, Oh                         LK  2
          -Some sources report 9/10/31
Oct  6 Charley Retzlaff           Duluth, Mn                         LK  8

Apr  6 George Panka               Pittsburgh, Pa                      L 10

Apr  7 John Henry Lewis           San Francisco, Ca                  LT  7
Apr 20 Billy Papke, Jr.           Pasadena, Ca                       LK  2

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       Mickey Mandell                                                 W 10

Jan  4 Victor "K.O." Perkley      Wilmington, Ca                     KO  3
Jan 10 Jimmy "K.O." Ross          Ocean Park, Ca                     KO  1
Jan 24 Tom Patrick                Los Angeles, Ca                     W  6
Feb  7 Frank Muskie               Los Angeles, Ca                     W  6
Feb 28 Jack Green                 Los Angeles, Ca                     W  6
Apr 11 Harold "Young" Scarney     Youngstown, Oh                     KO  4
Apr 17 Rosey Rosales              Los Angeles, Ca                     D  6
Jun 19 Pete West                  Los Angeles, Ca                    KO  6
Jul 20 Jack Moore                 San Diego, Ca                      KO  1
Jul 27 "Tiger" Jack O'Brien       San Diego, Ca                      KO  1
Aug 10 Ralph Cauthon              San Diego, Ca                      KO  1
Aug 21 Buck Walters               San Diego, Ca                      KO  7
Sep 14 Walter Hoffman             San Diego, Ca                      KO  6
Oct 17 Harold "Young" Scarney     Chicago, Il                        KO  4
Nov 28 Clarence "Sandy" Seifert   Youngstown, Oh                     ND 12
Dec  4 Al Friedman                Youngstown, Oh                     ND 10
       Monte Munn                                                     W 10

Jan    Joe Sekyra                 Youngstown, Oh                      W   

Sep    Frankie Simms              Cleveland, Oh                       W   

*** Photos and Much Data Was Provided By Susan Rocco Fernau (daughter) ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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                                Emmett Rocco in boxing pose

Emmett Rocco with wife, Marguerite
             Emmett Rocco with brothers, Ben (L) and Louis (R) sitting Emmett Rocco with daughters (L-R) Marlene, Susan and Jean
                                     Other gentlemen are unknown  
              Emmett Rocco jogging