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Renaldo "Mister" Snipes

BORN   August 15 1956; Houston, Texas (Fought out of Yonkers, New York)
HEIGHT.. 6-2 1/2
WEIGHT 202-226 lbs
MANAGER Sal Pascal
RECORD 39-8-1 (22 KO)

Snipes was a talented fighter who boxed adquately and carried a solid punch; During his career, he was a top challenger for the Heavyweight Championship of the World and put Larry Holmes on the canvas in a title fight; He won the 1977 and 1978 Chicago Golden Gloves Heavyweight Championships

Renaldo defeated such men as Trevor Berbick, Gerrie Coetzee, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, Floyd "Jumbo" Cummings, Bobby Crabtree, Terry Anderson, Johnny du Plooy and Larry Alexander

Nov 18 Carl Halliburton             Chicago, Il                        KO  1
          -Some sources report "Carl Hulberton"
Dec 10 Hal Emerson                White Plains, NY                    W  4

Feb 10 Sam Miller                 White Plains, NY                   KO  3
Mar 14 Ron Hope                   White Plains, NY                    W  4
Apr 11 Dave Smith                 White Plains, NY                   KO  3
May 23 Barry Funches              White Plains, NY                   KO  3
Jun 28 Charles Cox                White Plains, NY                    W  6
Jul  8 Eugene Green               New York, NY                        W  6
Oct 10 Mike Tarasewich            White Plains, NY                    W  8
Dec  5 Tyrone Harlee              White Plains, NY                   KO  4

Apr 16 Dave Johnson               White Plains, NY                    W  8
May 14 James Reid                 White Plains, NY                   TK  3
Jun 11 Johnny Warr                White Plains, NY                    W  8
Aug  9 Robert Coley               Atlantic City, NJ                  KO  1
Sep 17 Larry Alexander            White Plains, NY                   TK  2
Oct 18 Rodell Dupree              Atlantic City, NY                  TK  3
Nov 25 Malik Dozier               Boston, Ma                         TK  5
Dec 17 Dwain Bonds                White Plains, NY                   TK  8

Jan 21 Leroy Boone                White Plains, NY                    W 10
Mar  8 Floyd "Jumbo" Cummings     Atlantic City, NJ                   W 10
May 17 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad     Atlantic City, NJ                   W 10
Aug  9 Gerrie Coetzee             Tarrytown, NY                       W 10
          -Coetzee knocked Snipes down twice;
           Many observers felt that Coetzee won
Nov  6 Larry Holmes               Pittsburgh, Pa                     LT 11
          -WBC Heavyweight Championship of the World;
           Snipes knocked Holmes down

Mar 21 Scott Frank                Atlantic City, NJ                   D 10
Jun  5 Tim Witherspoon            Las Vegas, Nv                       L 10
Oct  2 Trevor Berbick             Atlantic City, NJ                   W 10

May 20 Greg Page                  Las Vegas, Nv                       L 12
          -USBA Heavyweight Championship
Sep 23 Alfredo Evangelista        Richfield, Oh                       L 10
          -Some sources report "LT 9"

Oct 30 Rickey Parkey              Atlantic City, NJ                   L 10

Jul 10 Bobby Crabtree             New York, NY                       KO  5
Jul 24 Dennis Fikes               New York, NY                       KO  2
Aug 17 Donnie Long                Atlantic City, NJ                   W 10
Dec 12 Tyrell Biggs               New York, NY                        L 10

Apr  9 Melvin Epps                Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  5
Jun  4 Richard Scott              New York, NY                        W 10
Jul 23 Terry Anderson             New York, NY                       KO 10
          -Continental Americas Heavyweight Championship

Mar 19 Orlin Norris               Las Vegas, Nv                       L 12
Jun 16 Terry Armstrong            New York, NY                       TK 10
Aug 12 Johnny du Plooy            Milwaukee, Wi                      TK  7
Dec 15 Lionel Washington          New York, NY                       TK  4

Mar 30 Andre Crowder              New York, NY                       TK  3
May 11 Manuel Clay de Almeida     New York, NY                       TK 10
Sep 14 Melvin Epps                New York, NY                        W 10
Dec 26 Tim Adams                  Memphis, Tn                        TK  4

May 18 Jamie Howe                 Callicoon, NY                       W 10

Jun 26 Garing Lane                Charleston, SC                      W 10

Jun 24 Eddie Curry                New York, NY                       TK  3
Nov  6 Jorge Luis Gonzalez        Las Vegas, Nv                      LK 10

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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