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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- English Bare Knuckle Champion


William Thompson
("Bold Bendigo")

BORN   October 11 1811; Nottingham, England
DIED August 23 1880; Beeston, England (from a fall)
HEIGHT.. 5-9 3/4
WEIGHT 164-168 lbs
BACKERS Mr. Jephson, Joe Whitaker
Thompson was an exceptional fighter who was scientific, quick, tricky and game; He fought from a left-hand stance but could shift quickly and hit hard with both fists

Thompson was also an all-around athlete who was agile in movement and a fast runner; He was an accomplished jumper and acrobat

Thompson was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1955 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1991
       Joe Hanley                                                     W 16
Oct    Bill Fawkes                                                    W 11

Mar 17 Ned Smith                                                      W  5
Apr 12 Charles Martin                                                 W  2
May 30 Lew Jackson                                                    W  3
Jun 14 Tom Cox                                                        W  9
Aug 14 George Shelton                                                 W  3
Aug 24 Tom Burton                                                     W  9
Sep  4 Bill Mason                                                     W  3
Oct 12 Bill Moulds               Winterflood, Eng                     W  1
Nov 27 Bill Keyworth                                                  W 11

Jan 12 "The Bingham Champion"                                         W   

Jul 21 Ben Caunt                 Nottingham, Eng                     WF 22
          -Caunt was disqualified for an alleged foul -
          striking Thompson while he was sitting in
          his corner

May 24 Bill Brassey              Sheffield, Eng                      WF 52

Jan 24 Young Charles             Langan Newcastle, Eng      (1:33:00) W 32
Jun 13 Bill Looney               Chapel en le Frith, Eng    (2:24:00) W 99

Apr  3 Ben Caunt                 Skipworth Common, Eng     (1:20:00) LF 75
          -Thompson was disqualified for going down
          without being struck; Caunt claimed the
          Championship of England but was not 
          generally accepted
Jun 24 Ben Caunt                                                    SCH   
          -This fight was scheduled but cancelled

Feb 12 James Burke               Heather, Eng                (24:00) WF 10
          -Championship of England

Mar    -Thompson injured a knee while doing somersaults

          -Thompson received the Championship Belt from 
          Jem Ward and was recognized as the undisputed
          Champion; However, he could not fight due to the
          serious knee injury and retired (only to return

Jun 28 Tass Parker                                                  SCH   
          -This fight was scheduled but not held;
          Thompson did not show and paid forfeit

Sep  9 Ben Caunt                 Stoney Stratford, Eng     (2:10:00) WF 93
          -Championship of England;
          This was a disputable decision; It was
          alleged that Caunt went down without a
          blow striking him; Caunt denied this
          accusation and announced his retirement
          (only to return later)

Jun  5 Tom Paddock               Mildenhall, Eng             (59:00) WF 49
          -Championship of England

          -Thompson announced his retirement from the ring

Record courtesy of Jan Skotnicki, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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