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Tony "TNT" Tucker
(Tony Craig Tucker)

BORN December 27 1958; Grand Rapids, Michigan (Some sources report December 28 1958)
HEIGHT 6-5 1/2
WEIGHT 199-255 lbs
MANAGERS Shelly Finkel and Lou Duva
TRAINER Emanuel Steward



Tucker was a big, strong fellow who boxed very well and had a good punch; He was smart in the ring and had a few tricks; He knew when to keep his distance, use his height, clinch and hold, and - when to let it all hang out and wage war; During his career, he won the IBF Heavyweight Championship of the World

Tony defeated such men as James "Buster" Douglas, Oliver McCall, Orlin Norris, Mike Evans, Jimmy Young, Eddie "Animal" Lopez, Dan Murphy, Paul Poirier, Danny "Smiley" Sutton, Bobby Crabtree, David Jaco, James "Broadaxe" Broad, Frankie Swindell, Cecil Coffee and Billy Wright

Nov  1 Chuck Gardner              Phoenix, Az                        KO  3
         -Some sources report "Stateline, Nv"
Nov 24 Carol McAllister           Staten Island, NY                  KO  1
Dec  2 Jesse Clark                Toledo, Oh                         KO  1
Dec 11 Max Baer Smith             Chicago, Il                        KO  5

Jan 16 Victor Rodriguez           San Antonio, Tx                    TK  2
          -Some sources report "W 6"
Jan 29 Willie Kents               Detroit, Mi                        KO  1
Feb 22 Robbie Evans               Atlantic City, NJ                  KO  6
          -Some sources report 2/23/81;
Apr  9 "Memphis" Al Jones         Detroit, Mi                        TK  1
May  2 Chip Tyler                 Las Vegas, Nv                      TK  7
          -This bout was not held 4/30/81;
Aug 22 Jerry Hunter               Traverse City, Mi                  KO  1
Sep 16 Harvey Steichen            Las Vegas, Nv                      TK  3
          -Some sources report "KO 2"
Oct 17 Frank Farmer               Traverse City, Mi                  KO  1

May 18 Grady Daniels              Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  5
Jun  5 Charles Atlas              Rochester, NY                      TK  1
          -Some sources report 6/12/82 in "Syracuse, NY";
Jun 15 James Dixon                Atlantic City, NJ                   W  8
Jun 30 Lupe Guerra                Syracuse, NY                       TK  2
Jul  8 Richard Cade               Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  7
          -Some sources report "KO 6"
Aug 12 Danny "Smiley" Sutton      Nashville, Tn                      NC  3
          -Some sources report 8/13/82

Nov  7 James Holley               Chicago, Il                        TK  1
Dec  2 Lynwood Jones              Chicago, Il                        KO  5
          -Some sources report 12/01/83;
Dec 20 James Dixon                Chicago, Il                        TK  6

Feb 24 Larry Givens               Chicago, Il                        KO  4
Mar 15 Sam Jeter                  Chicago, Il                        KO  1
Apr 19 Walter Santemore           Detroit, Mi                        TK  1
May  9 Dave Johnson               Chicago, Il                        TK  2
Jun 15 Eddie "Animal" Lopez       Las Vegas, Nv                      KO  9
Sep 22 Jimmy Young                Grand Rapids, Mi                    W 10
Oct 24 O.T. Davis                 Detroit, Mi                        KO  1
Nov  2 Danny "Smiley" Sutton      Chicago, Il                         W 10

Jun 28 Bobby Crabtree             Hammond, In                        TK  4
          -Some sources report 6/19/85
Oct 19 David Jaco                 Monte Carlo, Morocco               TK  3
          -Some sources report "TK 4"

Feb 27 Eddie Richardson           Detroit, Mi                         W 10
Jul 10 Eddie Richardson           Houston, Tx                        KO  4
Aug  7 Otis Hardy Bates           Houston, Tx                        KO  2
Sep 26 James "Broadaxe" Broad     Atlantic City, NJ                   W 12
          -USBA Heavyweight Championship;

May 30 James "Buster" Douglas     Las Vegas, Nv                      TK 10
          -IBF Heavyweight Championship of the World
Aug  1 Mike Tyson                 Las Vegas, Nv                       L 12
          -WBC Heavyweight Championship of the World;
           WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World;
           IBF Heavyweight Championship of the World

Dec 12 Mitchell "Dino" Homsey     Los Angeles, Ca                    KO  3

Jan  6 Calvin Jones               Inglewood, Ca                      TK  5
         -Some sources report 1/08/90
Mar  8 Mike Evans                 Inglewood, Ca                       W 10
Jul 19 Mike Rouse                 Seattle, Wa                        TK  5

Jan 28 Lionel Washington          Inglewood, Ca                      KO  1
          -Heavyweight Championship of California;
           Some sources report 1/29/91
Apr 29 Ray Thomas                 Inglewood, Ca                      KO  1
Jun  2 Orlin Norris               Las Vegas, Nv                       W 12
          -NABF Heavyweight Championship;
           Some sources report 6/03/91

Feb 15 Kimmuel Odum               Las Vegas, Nv                      TK  2
Apr 10 Michael Faulkner           Mexico City, Mex                   KO  2
Apr 22 Jesus "Manny" Contreras    East Rutherford, NJ                TK  6
Jun 26 Oliver McCall              Cleveland, Oh                       W 12
          -NABF Heavyweight Championship
Sep 12 Everett "Big Foot" Martin  Las Vegas, Nv                       W 10
Nov  7 Paul Poirier               Stateline, Nv                      TK  4
Dec 13 Frankie Swindell           Las Vegas, Nv                      TK  6

May  8 Lennox Lewis               Las Vegas, Nv                       L 12
          -WBC Heavyweight Championship of the World
Dec 18 David Graves               Pueblo, Mex                        TK  2

Feb 19 George Stephens            Charlotte, NC                      TK  1
Jul  2 Cecil Coffee               Las Vegas, Nv                      TK  2
Dec 10 Dan Murphy                 Monterrey, Mex                     TK  3

Apr  8 Bruce Seldon               Las Vegas, Nv                      LT  7
         -WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World
Dec 16 Henry Akinwande            Philadelphia, Pa                    L 10

Feb 24 Orlin Norris               Richmond, Va                        L 10
Jun 29 David Dixon                Indio, Ca                          TK  1
          -NABF Heavyweight Championship
Dec  7 Tyrone Campbell            Indio, Ca                          KO  3

Jul 20 Herbie Hide                Norwich, Eng                       LT  2
          -WBO Heavyweight Championship of the World;
           Some sources report 6/28/97
Nov 18 Abdullah Muhammed          Nashville, Tn                       W 10
          -Some sources report "Abdul Muhaymin"
Dec 16 Jerry Haynes               Nashville, Tn                      TK  3

Jan 31 John Ruiz                  Tampa, Fl                          LK 11
          -NABF Heavyweight Championship
May  7 Billy Wright               Tunica, Ms                         KO  1
          -Some sources report 5/08/98

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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