WAIL! The CyberBoxingZone Journal
September 2000 issue

How Giardello Should Be Remembered

By Chuck Hasson

   With the latest round of distribution of the movie "HURRICANE" to pay for view and cable outlets to the largest segment of the population it is important that some of the true facts, not shown in the film, be known.

    MOST of the people in Convention Hall that night (12/14/64) including myself and the majority of the working press thought that Giardello won a close decision. SOME people thought Carter won but obviously no one saw Carter beat Giardello to a pulp,  as the film depicts, with racism the underlying cause for the decision.

     My reason for protesting the film is the portrayal of GIARDELLO as one of the bad guys. The movie's apologists point to poetic license in film-making. But Giardello  is a real person with a real family and a hard won reputation in the ring. IF Carter was wrongly incarcerated for 18 years then the people responsible should burn in hell, but to make Giardello a bad guy is unconscionable. Joey is a beloved husband , father and grandfather, highly thought of and respected by his friends and neighbors. He has given much of his time to raise funds for the ST. JOHN OF GOD SCHOOL FOR SPECIAL CHILDREN in Cherry Hill, N.J.

     Although Joey Giardello didn't march in SELMA, he helped financially more black middleweights of his era than anybody else (including RAY ROBINSON) by NEVER ducking a deserving black opponent, no matter how tough, risking his rating and enabling many of them to earn the largest purse of their career by opposing him.

     That's how Giardello should be remembered by this generation of movie goers - not by the total falsification of the events pertaining to him on the screen. 
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