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September 2000 issue

Suggested Great Battles for Young Video Collectors

By Adam Pollack (apollack11@hotmail.com)

The following represents a list of my favorite fights in each division which I think an aspiring video collector would enjoy viewing and having in their collections.  Of course there are many more than what I suggest, but I have attempted to compile lists of entertaining fights you will appreciate.  The most entertaining bouts are listed first.


1.       Ricardo Lopez  v. Rosendo Alvarez II - The greatest ever at this weight is Lopez, and his rematch war with Alvarez is the classic fight the division has offered.  The first one was good as well and saw Lopez hit the canvas, but was anticlimactic because it was stopped on head butts and ruled a technical decision draw. 

2.       Ricardo Lopez v. Saman Sorjaturong - Although not very competitive, Lopez’s performance against Sorjaturong, who eventually became champion at 108 after defeating Humberto Gonzalez, is also representative of Lopez’s ability and power.

  Light Flyweight

1.       Michael Carbajal v. Humberto Gonzalez I - The best the division has to offer going toe to toe in a power war.

2.       Humberto Gonzalez v. Saman Sorjaturong - Gonzalez proved he can be a boxer the second time with Carbajal, but dropping Saman in this one got him into puncher mode and he couldn’t resist going to war with another puncher.  Brutal.

3.       Humberto Gonzalez v. Rolando Pascua - Pascua was a light puncher and lightly regarded.  This was supposed to be merely a performance by Gonzalez rather than a fight, but Pascua had other things in mind. 


Not too many memorables from this weight division but suggested fights are Pancho Villa v. Jimmy Wilde which demonstrates how powerful Villa was in 1923, and Marc Johnson’s quick ko’s of Arthur Johnson and Cecilio Espino.  Johnson is probably the best the division has ever seen.

Junior Bantamweight

1.       Johnny Tapia v. Danny Romero - The best of the division using skill and will in an interesting and competitive matchup.  The fight isn’t the most exciting in terms of action but if you appreciate division superfights, this is a good one.

2.       Johnny Tapia v. John Michael Johnson - Fans were provided this treat between two future champions when they were just beginning their careers.

3.       Robert Quiroga v. Kid Akeem Anifowoshe - A quality championship fight with both fighters giving it their all, with one giving perhaps too much.


1.       Johnny Tapia v. Paulie Ayala - Neither has the greatest punch, but both are quick, determined and willing to mix it up in a war over 12 rounds.  Score this one for yourself.

2.       Carlos Zarate v. Alfonso Zamora - Both huge punchers and undefeated champions.  Need I say more?

3.       Miguel Lora v. Gaby Canizales - Two former champs go to war in the second round with shocking results.

Junior Featherweight

1.       Marco Antonio Barrera v. Kennedy McKinney - Both men left more than a piece of themselves in this all out battle.  Give and take, ebb and flow, both men giving it their all.  Ouch.

2.       Marco Antonio Barrera v. Erik Morales - Another Barrera war with Morales landing more but Barrera landing the harder blows.  Take what you like and score it with the volume down.  Not quite as brutal as the McKinney bout.

3.       Kennedy McKinney v. Junior Jones - Jones comes out like Tommy Hearns trying to blast McKinney out of there, but McKinney is always tough to take out.

4.       Erik Morales v. Zaragoza - Morales is the young lion proving he can win a tough one and Zaragoza is the old vet who has the uncanny ability to battle time as courageously as he battled Morales.  If you like Zaragoza, check out his fights with Paul Banke and Wayne McCullogh.

5.       Marco Antonio Barrera v. Junior Jones I + II - Both fights competitive and well fought.  Score the second.


1.       Naseem Hamed v. Kevin Kelley - This fight had it all - pre fight trash talk, novel ring entrance, face off, and that was all before the bell rang.  The fight was as good as the hype and better with both men hitting the canvas multiple times.  Make sure you see it all. 

2.       Danny Lopez v. Mike Ayala - If you didn’t think two men could go to war for fifteen rounds straight, this fight will prove you wrong.

3.       Kevin Kelley v. Derrick Gainer - Gainer’s power boxing and rapier like punches turned Kelley blind with his eye a balloon-like mass of flesh.  But Kelley wouldn’t quit and kept bombing away. 

4.       Alejandro Gonzalez v. Luisito Espinosa I + II - Both fights feature good power punches between two tough warriors.

5.       Kevin Kelley v. Troy Dorsey - Interesting and competitive matchup.  Score it.  If you like Dorsey, take a look at and score his two fights with Jorge Paez.

6.       Salvador Sanchez v. Azumah Nelson - Nelson was completely green, with almost no fights, and hadn’t fought anyone.  Yet the fighting heart he shows in this one has to make you wonder how he would have done a few years later.  We’ll never know because this was Sanchez’s last fight before being killed in an automobile crash.  If you like Sanchez, get his fight with Wilfredo Gomez as well.

Junior Lightweight

1.       Arturo Gatti v. Wilson Rodriguez - I don’t know how Gatti stayed in this fight, let alone win it. Vicious war.

2.       Bobby Chacon v. Rafael Bazooka Limon IV - More punishment than two men should take.  Pain.

3.       Cornelius Boza Edwards v. Bobby Chacon II - Two throwbacks going at it.  Score it.

4.       Arturo Gatti v. Gabriel Ruelas - Once again, Gatti looks out of it for a moment, but low and behold…

5.       Gabriel Ruelas v. James Leija - Two tough warriors making each other earn it.

6.       Oscar de la Hoya v. Georgio Campanella - Oscar dropped by a beautiful hook and takes it a bit personally.

7.       Oscar de la Hoya v. Narcisco Valenzuela - Oscar dropped by a right but Narcisco doesn’t get out of the first.  Quick and fun.

8.       Robert Garcia v. Ramon Ledon - Both have good power, neither with the greatest chin.

9.       Julio Cesar Chavez v. Juan LaPorte - Perhaps Chavez’s best weight, Julio got a real tough one from the iron chinned LaPorte.  If you want to see Julio put to the test, check out his fight with Rocky Lockridge as well.  Fights are not barnburners but quality competitive championship bouts.  Score both.

10.    Julio Cesar Chavez v. Roger Mayweather - Chavez demonstrates his iron chin in the first, taking some beautiful rights which would have felled lesser men, and then makes Roger pay.

11.    Azumah Nelson v. Jeff Fenech I - Mirrors the Dorsey v. Paez fight with Fenech the nonstop puncher. Talk about ‘A’ for effort on Fenech’s part. Score it.  To his credit, Nelson fought the second fight in Australia.


1.       Arturo Gatti v. Ivan Robinson I + II - Both fights are out and out wars.  God only knows what kept them up.

2.       Livingstone Bramble v. Ray Mancini I - Another war.

3.       Ike Williams v. Beau Jack - If Williams were fighting today he probably would be champion.  Both men give it their all.  Brutal.

4.       Alexis Arguello v. Andy Ganigan - Arguello dropped in this battle.  If you appreciate Arguello, just about any of his fights are worth while.

5.       Rafael Ruelas v. Jorge Paez - Both men hurt in this serious battle.  If you like Paez, check out his title winning effort against Calvin Grove.

6.       Rafael Ruelas v. Freddie Pendleton - Ruelas on the verge of being out due to the three knockdown rule, collects himself and guts it out.  The best argument for why the three knockdown rule is amongst the worst in boxing.

7.       Tommy Hearns v. Aaron Pryor (amateur) - We never got to see it when they were professionals, so take a look at their amateur war at, yes, lightweight.

8.       Pernell Whitaker v. Ramon Goire (amateur) - Whitaker was a cute boxer, but he could sure fight too.

9.       Ivan Robinson v. Phillip Holiday - If you enjoy nonstop punching, this one is for you.  Neither man with much power though.

10.    Roberto Duran v. Esteban DeJesus II - DeJesus is the only man to beat Duran at lightweight, turning the trick in a non-title bout.  You know the arrogant Duran wanted revenge, but the tough and smart DeJesus wanted the title.

11.    Freddie Pendleton v. Roger Mayweather - The fight that keeps fighters with poor records going.

12.    Pernell Whitaker v. Roger Mayweather and Freddie Pendleton - I admit here that I have a bias for Whitaker.  He ducked no one and fought a lot more than people realize.  These were two good pre-championship tests.

13.    Julio Cesar Chavez v. Edwin Rosario - I also admit I love Julio, and this really wasn’t a great battle.  However, it demonstrates Chavez at his best at lightweight, and I am in awe of his defensive and offensive abilities in this one.

14.    Shane Mosley v. Wilfrido Ruiz - Another fight that I admit my bias in that I love Mosley.  It is not a great fight, but it shows Mosley at his best at this weight, scoring a beautiful knockout.  You have to love Sugar Shane at lightweight.

Junior Welterweight

1.       Aaron Pryor v. Alexis Arguello I - Pryor is probably the best ever at this weight, demonstrating speed, aggression, power, and in this one, boxing skill and footwork.  Arguello’s worst weight, and yet he made a close battle of it.  Shows you how great Alexis was.  Ray Leonard had to be nervous after watching this one.

2.       Julio Cesar Chavez v. Meldrick Taylor I - Ironically, this fight represented both fighters’ best and worst moments.  Taylor’s blazing speed and punch volume is just too much for Chavez throughout the fight, but Chavez’s patented chin, power and body work come through for him in the last few rounds.  One of the most controversial endings ever.  Watch the post fight in its entirety.

3.       Juan Coggi v. Eder Gonzalez I + II - The first fight is one of the most bizarre and obviously corrupt you’ll ever see, and that’s saying a lot in boxing.  The second is another back and forth battle.

4.       Oba Carr v. Livingstone Bramble - Another war with both men hurt.  Score it.

5.       Aaron Pryor v. Dujuan Johnson - Pryor does it all in this one as well, and the powerful Johson gives it everything he’s got.  Any Pryor fight is fun.

6.       Kostya Tszyu v. Diobelys Hurtado - Speed and power against the same.  Both hit the deck.

7.       Julio Cesar Chavez v. Frankie Randall I - Chavez on the down side and a determined and underrated Randall made this a tough competitive fight with a surprising finish.

8.       Julio Cesar Chavez v. Roger Mayweather II - Roger fights smarter this time and makes a hell of a fight out of it, but Chavez demonstrates his ability to wear out just about anyone.

9.       Frankie Randall v. Juan Coggi I - Both hit the canvas.

10.    Kostya Tszyu v. Vince Phillips - Two men giving it their all.


1.       Mark Breland v. Aaron Davis - I thought Breland had no heart after his second fight with Marlon Starling, but he proved me wrong in this one.  Both fighters take brutal punishment.

2.       Ray Leonard v. Roberto Duran I - Toe to toe action for 15 rounds.  Try scoring this one.  The rematch is exciting in an entirely different way.

3.       Oscar de la Hoya v. Shane Mosley - The best the division has to offer using skill, power, speed and will in a highly competitive bout.

4.       Ray Leonard v. Tommy Hearns I - The superfight where both boxers have to show adaptability and versatility. Watch Leonard v. Duran and Hearns v. Cuevas first so you can see what each knew they were up against.

5.       Simon Brown v. Tyrone Trice I - Two really tough and powerful fighters going at it.

6.       Jose Luis Lopez v. James Page - Lopez is the strongest puncher in the division.  Page’s chin is not the greatest but he shows power, boxing skill, and a whole lot of heart in this one.  If you like Lopez, watch his bouts with Ike Quartey and Yory Boy Campas.

7.       Oscar de la Hoya v. Ike Quartey - Oscar is calm and cautious against the strongest fighter he fought to that point, but demonstrates power and will in this nail biter.  Both hit the deck.  Score it.

8.       Shane Mosley v. Wilfredo Rivera - Mosley’s first fight at welterweight, against a tough guy with a good chin.  Rather than get a feel for the weight, Shane decides to bomb away.

9.       Felix Trinidad v. Yory Boy Campas - Solid punching Campas refuses to go backwards against a vicious puncher and takes wicked bombs before it’s over.  Trinidad gets dropped and is forced to demonstrate some good boxing skill to counter Campas’s aggression.  If you like Campas, check out his fights with Raul Marquez and Tony Ayala.

10.    Marlon Starling v. Mark Breland I - Both fighters give it what they’ve got in this tough and competitive bout.  Perhaps one gave a bit too much.

11.    Julio Cesar Chavez v. Pernell Whitaker - I can’t believe Chavez accepted this fight, but you have to say he ducked no one.  Fight is more intriguing than action packed.  Score this controversial bout between two legends.

12.    Pernell Whitaker v. Diobelys Hurtado - Whitaker dropped and outboxed by the speedy footwork and combinations by Hurtado, but demonstrates championship will a la Joe Louis.

13.    Derrell Coley v. Kipp Diggs - Coley has pretty good boxing skill, speed and power, but lacks the ability to take it.  Makes for interesting fights.

Junior Middleweight

1.       Fernando Vargas v. Ike Quartey - Two really tough warriors putting on an exciting battle.  Definitely score this one for yourself with the volume turned down.  If you like Vargas, check out his bout with Anthony Stephens.

2.       Terry Norris v. Troy Waters - Did Troy steal something from Terry?  Ferocious.

3.       Vincent Pettway v. Simon Brown - War with a brutal finish.  If you like Brown, check out his first fight with Terry Norris.

4.       Raul Marquez v. Keith Mullings - Bloody war that probably ruined Marquez.

5.       Mike McCallum v. Julian Jackson - I love Mike McCallum.  If you know just how hard Jackson hits you have to be impressed with this fight.  If you like McCallum check out his awesome one punch knockout of Donald Curry.

6.       Julian Jackson v. Terry Norris - Jackson’s ferocious power is unleashed against a future longtime champion.  Just about any Jackson fight is fun to watch because of that awesome power.

7.       Tony Ayala v. Mario Maldonado - We’ll never know just how good the young Ayala could have become, but this fight shows both the best and the worst of Ayala, who hits the deck.

8.       Fernando Vargas v. Ronald Wright - Close competitive bout.  Score it.  Wright’s first bout with Bronco McKart would have let you know he would test Vargas.

9.       David Reid v. Alfredo Duvergel (amateur) - Great comeback knockout for the gold.

10.    Tommy Hearns v. Roberto Duran - Hearns’ vicious power unleashed.  Not a great fight but if you like Hearns you’ve got to see this one.  Watch it before the Hagler fight for some context.


1.       Iran Barkley v. Robbie Sims - All out non-stop punching war.

2.       Iran Barkley v. Roberto Duran - War that shows just how great Duran was.  Remember, he was lightweight champion for over six years.  Score it.

3.       James Toney v. Michael Nunn - Surprisingly good war. Nunn decides to duke it out, to his credit, and detriment.  Check out Toney’s controversial bout with Dave Tiberi.

4.       James Toney v. Mike McCallum I - Two champions giving it their all with classy boxing skill.

5.       Marvin Hagler v. Tommy Hearns - All out war for one round but the fight was essentially over by the end of the first.  Hagler is my favorite middleweight and he shouldn’t be remembered simply for his war with Hearns and loss to Leonard.  He brought a whole lot more to the table.  Check out his bouts with Juan Roldan and John Mugabi.

6.       Tommy Hearns v. Juan Roldan - Two punchers going at it.  Both hurt.

7.       Jorge Castro v. John David Jackson - The sickest lacerations you’ll ever see were above Castro’s eyes.  Jackson was completely outboxing Castro, and badly stinging his eyes.  The fight probably should have been stopped, and yet, because it wasn’t, we were treated to one of the greatest comebacks of all time.  If you like Castro, check out his battle with Roy Jones, Jr.

8.       Ray Robinson v. Jake LaMotta VI - LaMotta the agressive puncher against the speed and class of Robinson make this fight one for the ages.

9.       Marvin Hagler v. Ray Leonard - The fight is an interesting match but not super.  Leonard does what was considered impossible against a fading Hagler.  A close fight but Leonard deserved it.  Hagler should have insisted on fifteen rounds.  Score it for yourself.

10.    Julian Jackson v. Thomas Tate and Ron Collins - Jackson is the hardest one punch knockout artist in the division but these two fighters take it and make for competitive bouts.  Any Jackson fight is usually fun to watch, no matter how brief.

11.    Tommy Hearns v. Iran Barkley - Hearns beats the hell out of Barkley but gets hit by the bomb.

12.    Julian Jackson v. Gerald McClelland I - Two punchers but one with the superior boxing skill.  After this one, you had to be salivating to see Gerald in with Roy Jones, Jr.

13.    Julian Jackson v. Cardamone - Typical Jackson war made interesting by Julian’s weakened chin.

14.    Bernard Hopkins v. Segundo Mercado I and Antwun Echols - Tough fights.  Hopkins dominated the Mercado rematch. Echols is a monster who looks like a light heavyweight and Hopkins showed his boxing versatility.  If you like Hopkins, check out his great knockout of Joe Lipsey.

Super Middleweight

1.       Gerald McClelland v. Nigel Benn - No fight makes me more angry than this one.  The fight is great, but is marred by terrible refereeing and awful foul tactics on the part of Benn, both of which combined to cause Gerald’s permanent brain damage.  This tragedy should not have happened.

2.       Frankie Liles v. Tim Littles II - Vicious hard punching action.

3.       Roy Jones Jr. v. James Toney - Not a great fight but Jones is at the height of his powers in this one.

4.       Ray Leonard v. Tommy Hearns II - Close competitive bout.  Score it.

Light Heavyweight

1.       Prince Charles Williams v. Merqui Sosa I + II -  Unbelievable wars with the second the better.  Watch both back to back and you will feel their pain.  Definite brain damage fights.

2.       Riddick Bowe v. Paul Brennin (amateur) - Wild fight with young Bowe demonstrating power, determination, and heart, in addition to a suspect chin - all of which he demonstrated later on.

3.       Matthew Saad Muhammad v. Yaqui Lopez I + II - Tough competitive battles.  Defense not their specialties.

4.       Evander Holyfield v. Pablo Romero (amateur) - The Cuban and American go at it big time.

5.       Archie Moore v. Yvonne Durelle I - Moore hits the deck hard but sucks it up and comes back.

6.       Evander Holyfield v. Ricky Womack IV - VI (amateur) - These two went at it, and Evander wasn’t the physically stronger one.

7.       Michael Spinks v. Dwight Braxton (aka Qawi) - Unification match between hard punching Braxton and boxer/puncher Spinks. Take a look at Qawi v. Rossman and Saad Muhammad I + II before watching this one to see how hard Qawi punched.

8.       Roy Jones v. Lou Del Valle - Del Valle gave Jones a pretty good fight.

9.       Tommy Hearns v. Dennis Andries - A great Hearns exhibition, 20 pounds up from welterweight.

10.    Tommy Hearns v. Virgil Hill - Not all that exciting except for the fact that old man Hearns defeats a young 1988 silver medalist and longtime champion.


1.       Evander Holyfield v. Dwight Qawi I - First watch Qawi against Leon Spinks.  Holyfield was rushed into this fight much too early in his career, but showed the fighting heart he always has.  His performance in the rematch showed just how far he had come.  If you had followed Evander’s career up to his first title bout, you would see how dominant and aggressive he had been.  The fact that Qawi was able to back him up showed just how strong Qawi was.

2.       Carl Thompson v. Chris Eubank I - Tough battle.

3.       Nate Miller v. Bert Cooper - How many punches can one man take?  Well, more - see Cooper v. Holyfield.

4.       Evander Holyfield v. Anthony Davis - Evander tagged well in this one but his power and iron chin come through for him.  Holyfield is the best ever at this weight.  Any of his fights in this division are enjoyable.


This is the most difficult division to order because there are so many awesome battles.  Just see them all:

1.       Evander Holyfield v. Bert Cooper - Vicious war between two good punchers with even better chins.  Serious headache fight.

2.       Riddick Bowe v. Andrew Golota I + II - The second is better, but watch them consecutively, and you will realize why Bowe retired and stayed retired after these wars, and it is not often that champions remain retired.  Both men suffer brutal beatings.  Score them if you can.  Be sure to get the entire post fight from the first.  Before watching the fights, check out Golota v. Samson Pouha (both hurt), another war which showed the best and worst of Golota.  If you like Golota, check out his fight with Corey Sanders and Michael Grant as well.  Take a look at Bowe v. Lewis (amateur) - unfortunately the fight never happened when they were pros, and the fast stoppage does not lend clear insight into what would have been the result, given Bowe’s resilience as a pro.

3.       George Foreman v. Ron Lyle - Pier six brawl with little to no skill involved.  If you like Foreman, you need to have his destructions of both Joe Frazier and Ken Norton, as well as his record making win over Michael Moorer.

4.       Evander Holyfield v. Riddick Bowe I,II, + III - Competitive wars between two well conditioned and determined athletes.  The first fight may have been Bowe’s peak.  The second is more of a boxing match and is the least entertaining of the three.  The third fight is strange and shows both at their best and worst simultaneously.  If you like Holyfield, you should get his lesser known war with Michael Dokes.

5.       Mike Tyson v. Razor Ruddock I + II - Two vicious punchers go for it with every punch.  Before watching the fights, check out Ruddock against James Smith (both hit deck) and Michael Dokes (vicious ko), both good fights in their own right which provide insight into Razor’s power.

6.       Ray Mercer v. Tommy Morrison - Big punchers but only one with the chin.  If you like Mercer you should see his bouts with Bert Cooper (war), Lennox Lewis (Lewis’s toughest test) and competitive battle with Tim Witherspoon.

7.       Michael Moorer v. Bert Cooper - Vicious hard punching battle.  If you like Moorer, check out his battles with Alex Stewart (both hurt, great knockout) and Frans Botha.

8.       Courage Tshababla v. Darroll Wilson - Controversial slugfest.  If you like Wilson, check out his war with Shannon Briggs.

9.       Alex Stewart v. Ezra Sellers - Ouch! 

10.    Jack Dempsey v. Luis Angel Firpo - The original slugfest.  If you like Dempsey, check out his beating of Jess Willard.

11.    Tommy Morrison v. Carl Williams, Razor Ruddock and Joe Hipp - All great fights.  Morrison has a weak chin, but he shows power and heart in these.

12.    John Bray v. Melvin Foster (amateur) - Brutal and controversial war.

13.    Floyd Patterson v. Ingemar Johansson I, II, + III - Both have good power, neither have great chins.  You figure it out.

14.    Derrick Roddy v. Nelson Adams and Ricardo Kennedy - It wouldn’t be a Roddy fight if he didn’t hit the deck, win or lose.

15.    Larry Holmes v. Earnie Shavers II, Renaldo Snipes, Ken Norton and Mike Weaver - I am a huge Holmes fan, and regardless of whether you like him, he had some really entertaining fights.

16.    Ed Mahone v. Bryant Smith and Cody Koch - Like Tua, Mahone is highly hitable but very determined.

17.    Muhammad Ali v. Joe Frazier I + III - Fights that were as good as their hype.

18.    Rocky Marciano v. Jersey Joe Walcott I, Ezzard Charles I + II - The skill and will of great fighters going at it.

19.    Derrick Jefferson v. Maurice Harris - Bombs away.

20.    Mike Tyson v. Frank Bruno I, Buster Douglas, James Tillis, and Evander Holyfield I + II - If you like Tyson, these are some his more competitive and/or interesting fights.

21.    Joe Louis v. Tammy Mauriello and Max Baer - No collection is complete without Louis, and these fights are representative of what happened when you tried to take it to him.

22.    David Tua v. David Izonritei and Ike Ibeabuchi - Punching power and volume.

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