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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- English Bare Knuckle Champion

Joe Wormald

BORN   1841; London, England (Some sources report 1840)
DIED May 25 1871; Quebec, Canada (at the Marine Hospital; delirium tremens)
HEIGHT 5-11 1/2 (Some sources report 6-0)
WEIGHT 162-200 lbs

Wormald was quick, moved well, and hit to the body and head; He was game but was not particularly durable

Joe began fighting in England and won the championship in 1865; He came to America in 1868

During his career, he defeated such men as Andrew Marsden and George Iles - and bested Ned O'Baldwin in the first round of their October 1868 contest

May 26 Jack Smith                London District, England   (4:25:00) D 113
          -Darkness occurred; Some sources report "W 113";
           Smith was a black man (Mace's Black Wolfe)

Jun 24 George Iles               London District, England   (2:08:00) W  24
          -Some sources report Jun 15; Some report Jun 25;
           Some sources report the time as 2:28:00

Jan  4 Andrew Marsden            Horley, England              (37:00) W  18
          -Championship of England;
           Some sources report the time as 17:00
Nov  1 Jem Mace                  Doncaster, England                 SCH    
          -Championship of England;
           This fight was scheduled but not held;
           Wormald injured an arm during training;
           Wormald paid forfeit to Mace;
           Some sources report 9/16/65;
           Some report 9/26/65

Apr 29 Edward "Ned" O'Baldwin    London District, England           SCH    
          -Championship of England;
           This fight was scheduled but not held; 
           O'Baldwin defaulted and paid forfeit

Mar  3 Joe Goss                                                     SCH    
          -This fight was scheduled but not held; 
           Wormald paid forfeit to Goss
Aug  4 -Wormald arrived in New York, NY in America
Oct 29 Edward "Ned" O'Baldwin    Lynnfield, Ma               (10:00)      1
          -Wormald was better in the first round; Police intervened;
           Some sourcee report the time as 37:00

*** The following fight/article appears to be a fabrication *** 

Nov 12 Edward "Ned" O'Baldwin    near Weehawken, NJ                  LK   1
          -Some sources report November 11, 1868

Philadelphia (Pa) Evening Telegraph, November 12 1868

*** Assistance Provided By Sergei Yurchenko *** 

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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