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The Boxing Register

International Boxing Hall of Fame Official Record Book

by J. Roberts & A. Skutt, McBooks Press (1996)

This new record book is an absolute must for the boxing fan. Each member of the IBHOF is profiled, and most have their complete records reprinted.

The most important addition is the notation as to whether the opponent was in the top ten or not. This single note gives new insight into assessing a fighter's career. For example, would you recall that Miguel Berrios who fought Flash Elorde in August and November 1956 was rated in the top ten?

As with every record book ever published, this book does contain some typos (Joey Giardello did not fight Dick Tiger in 1936!) and several outright errors. In fact, the very first biography in the book is chock full of them; some minor, others major. For example, the author's report that Jem Belcher ran a Pub called "The Jolly Butchers"; it was the Jolly Brewer. Also, the last line of the bio reports "Belcher died in 1811 bereft of friends, family, and money." Wrong! Belcher was married and had a devoted wife. His brother was a prominent fighter at the time; his close relative Harry Harmer was also a well-known pugilist. Just prior to his death, Lord Camelford held a well-attended benefit, and his funeral was thronged with friends and mourners.

Simply stated, the profiles of the bareknucle fighters are weak, but the profiles of the rest of the inductees more than make up for it. Besides, how may of you really care about Figg and Cribb? These minor quibbles aside, The Boxing Register has found a home on my well-stocked bookshelf. It is loaded with information about all of the top fighters of the past 200 years. Its real srength lies with its profiles of the lighter weight fighters and there records. Even the most casual fan should pick this one up.

review by Mike DeLisa
© 1996 The Cyber Boxing Zone
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