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New Rankings Proposed

November 13, 1998

This message is to introduce the Consensus Boxing Ratings (CBR). The CBR is
an attempt to bring together the many independent ranking systems into one
final tally, much like the Bowl Championship Series rankings do for college

Any set of rankings that meets our simple standards is eligible to be
counted in the poll. The polls must be released on a regular basis,  rank at
least 10 fighters in the 17 recognized weight classes and must not have any
exclusionary rules. For example, the rankings of the major sanctioning
bodies are not eligible, since they automatically exclude boxers who hold
another body's title.

Invitations to take part in the voting will go out to the boxing writers at
the 50 biggest newspapers in the United States, as well as leading
newspapers around the world. Also, all boxing newsletters, magazines and web
sites will be invited to take part.

Each poll's top-ranked boxer will receive 10 points, with the next receiving
nine and so on. After all the polls are received, a CBR report will be sent
out with the top 10 in each weight class, as well as the CBR champion.

Champions will not be determined by ranking, but will be handled on a
strictly linear basis. The original CBR champions will be the ones
recognized by the Cyber Boxing Zone's crack research staff.

Champions can only lose their title in two ways - a defeat in the ring, or
an announced abandonment, either to retirement or to permanently leave the
weight class.

Vacant titles will be awarded to the winner of any fight between CBR's #1
contender and another fighter in the top five. For example, the vacant
middleweight crown will be up for grabs in any fight between #1 contender
Bernard Hopkins and either William Joppy, Otis Grant, Hassine Cherifi or
Keith Holmes.

The first CBR poll (below) was done by using the rankings of four internet
sites, and is only meant to get the ball rolling. The first full-scale CBR
poll will be done in early January, 1999, with new polls released every two
months after that. The CBR rankings will be released on,
and in a press release to the news agencies mentioned above.

The CBR is taking suggestions for rankings to include in our system. If you
know of a web site, newsletter, magazine, writer or boxing insider who might
like to take part, please let us know at or by writing to:

C/O David Hogg
71 Wedgewoode Lane
Pontiac, MI 48340

Consensus Boxing Ratings - November 12, 1998

HEAVYWEIGHT: Champion: Lennox Lewis. 1, Evander Holyfield. 2, Michael Grant.
3, Michael Moorer. 4, Ray Mercer. 5, Larry Donald. 6, Chris Byrd. 7, David
Tua. 8, Andrew Golata. 9, Herbie Hide. 10, Henry Akinwande.

CRUISERWEIGHT: Champion: Vacant. 1, Fabrice Tiozzo. 2, Juan Carlos Gomez. 3,
Carl Thompson. 4, Marcelo Dominguez. 5, Art Williams. 6, Imamu Mayfield. 7,
Robert Daniels. 8, Johnny Nelson. 9, Saul Montana. 10, Nate Miller.

LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT: Champion: Dariusz Michalzewski. 1, Roy Jones, Jr. 2,
Reggie Johnson. 3, Graciano Rocchigiani. 4, Louis del Valle. 5, Montell
Griffin. 6, Virgil Hill. 7, Michael Nunn. 8, Ole Klemetsen. 9, William
Guthrie. 10, Antonio Tarver.

SUPER MIDDLEWEIGHT: Champion: Frank Liles. 1, Joe Calzaghe. 2, Charles
Brewer. 3, Richie Woodhall. 4, Thomas Tate. 5, Sugar Boy Malinga. 6, Robin
Reid. 7, Herol Graham. 8, Sven Ottke. 9, Vincenzo Nardiello. 10, Mads

MIDDLEWEIGHT: Champion, Vacant. 1, Bernard Hopkins. 2, William Joppy. 3,
Otis Grant. 4, Hassine Cherifi. 5, Keith Holmes. 6, Antwun Echols. 7, Robert
Allen. 8, Silvio Branco. 9,  Robert McCracken. 10, Julio Cesar Green.

JUNIOR MIDDLEWEIGHT: Champion: Keith Mullings. 1, Yori Boy Campos. 2, Winky
Wright. 3, Laurent Boudouani. 4, Harry Simon. 5, David Reid. 6, Guillermo
Jones. 7, Verno Phillips. 8, Bronco McKart. 9, Fernando Vargas. 10, Emmitt

WELTERWEIGHT: Champion: Oscar De La Hoya. 1, Felix Trinidad. 2, Ike Quartey.
3, Jose Luis Lopez. 4, Vernon Forrest. 5, Oba Carr. 6, Pernell Whitaker. 7,
Shannon Taylor. 8, Darrell Coley. 9, James Page. 10, Ahmed Kotiev.

JUNIOR WELTERWEIGHT: Champion, Vacant. 1, Vince Phillips. 2, Kostya Tszyu.
3, Miguel Angel Gonzalez. 4, Khalid Rahilou. 5, Julio Cesar Chavez. 6,
Diobelys Hurtado. 7, Sharmba Mitchell. 8, Carlos Gonzalez. 9, Reggie Green.
10, Zab Judah.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Champion, Vacant. 1, Shane Mosley. 2, Cesar Bazan. 3, Stevie
Johnston. 4, Jean-Baptiste Mendy. 5, Orzubek Nazarov. 6, Ivan Robinson. 7,
Artur Grigorian. 8, Arturo Gatti. 9, Jesse James Leija. 10, Israel Cardona.

JUNIOR LIGHTWEIGHT: Champion: Floyd Mayweather, Jr. 1, Angel Manfredy. 2,
Genaro Hernandez. 3, Robert Garcia. 4, Takanori Hatakeyama. 5, Anatoly
Alexandrov. 6, Goyo Vargas. 7, Gabe Ruelas. 8, Jesus Chavez. 9, Yong Soo
Choi. 10, John Brown.

FEATHERWEIGHT: Champion: Naseem Hamed. 1, Luisito Espinosa. 2, Freddie
Norwood. 3, Angel Vasquez. 4, Cesar Soto. 5, Derrick Gainer. 6, Juan Manuel
Marquez. 7, Manuel Medina. 8, Antonio Cermeno. 9, Kevin Kelley. 10, Juan
Carlos Ramirez.

JUNIOR FEATHERWEIGHT: Champion, Vacant. 1, Erik Morales. 2, Kennedy
McKinney. 3, Vuyani Bungu. 4, Marco Antonio Barrera. 5, Enrique Sanchez. 6,
Danny Romero. 7, Junior Jones. 8, Wayne McCullough. 9, Carlos Barretto. 10,
Carlos Navarro.

BANTAMWEIGHT: Champion, Vacant. 1, Nana Konadu. 2, Tim Austin. 3, Joichiro
Tatsuyoshi. 4, Jorge Julio. 5, Mbuelo Botile. 6, Johnny Bredahl. 7, Paul
Ayala. 8, Adan Vargas. 9, Daorung Siriwat. 10, Cuahtemoc Gomez.

JUNIOR BANTAMWEIGHT: Champion, In Joo Cho. 1, Johnny Tapia. 2,  Gerry
Penalosa. 3, Satoshi Iida. 4, Samson Luchaopormasak. 5, Joel Luna-Zarate. 6,
Yokthai Sith Oar. 7, Hiroshi Kawashima. 8, Veeraphol Sahaprom. 9, Takato
Toguchi. 10, Julio Gamboa.

FLYWEIGHT: Champion: Chartchai Sasakul. 1, Mark Johnson. 2, Mauricio
Pastrana. 3, Hugo Soto. 4, Carlos Salazar. 5, Saen Sor Ploenchit. 6, David
Guerault. 7, Jose Bonilla. 8, Alejandro Montiel. 9, Ruben Sanchez-Leon. 10,
Sornpichai Pisnurachan.

JUNIOR FLYWEIGHT: Champion: Saman Sorjanturong. 1, Baby Jake Matlala. 2,
Phitchitnoi Siriwat. 3, Juan Cordoba. 4, Melchor Cobb Castro. 5, Hi Yong
Choi. 6, Carlos Murillo. 7, Edgar Cardenas. 8, Oscar Andrade. 9, Panien
Poontarat. 10, Kaaj Chartbandit.

STRAWWEIGHT: Champion: Ricardo Lopez. 1, Rosendo Alvarez. 2, Zolani Petelo.
3, Rattanapol Voraphin. 4, Rocky Lin. 5, Kermin Guardia. 6, Wandee Chor
Chareon. 7, Alex Sanchez.  8, Ala Villamor. 9, Lindi Memani. 10, Ronnie
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