Regina Halmich succeeds in her 13th world title defence
Halmich: "Next year I want to fight in America!"

AUGSBURG, 3rd October 1998. 'The Beauty and The Beast" - Regina Halmich, the most impressive personality in female boxing, is both. It was just 30 minutes ago that the only 21 year old German outskilled her dangerous American opponent Anissa Zamarron over 10 rounds to defend her WIBF flyweight world title a sensational 13th time. But it was sufficient
time for Halmich to change and refresh her outfit completely, to clip ear rings on and to hide a little blessing next to her left eye with some make-up.

"Anissa Zamarron was the expected tough opponent", Halmich explained at the press conference after the fight. "But I think that I have put on a quite good performance", Halmich continued modestly. This was certainly the understatement of the evening, as Halmich was just confronted with the toughest opponent of her career for a second time in a rematch of their encounter in 1995, and had outboxed the American more brilliant than most male boxers would have been able to.

With a lot of will and stubbornes the 27 year old American had been pressing the attack aggressively throughout the 10 rounds. But each time she came forward, Halmich (49 kg / 108 lbs) countered her with a stiff left jab and with left-right combinations to the head. After 10 rounds the decision was unanimous: 97:92, 96:95 and 98:96 - all for the defending champion from Germany. The heavily battered American (49 kg /108 lbs) was showing the price for her aggressive strategy after the fight, having suffered a broken finger on her right hand and big swellings on her forehead.

"I wanted to get the attention of American boxing circles", the confident and determined Halmich explained. "That's why I took on the dangerous Zamarron one more time. Next year I want to come to the USA and have a fight over there."

It's certainly a chance that Halmich, women boxing's only two-division world champion (flyweight and super flyweight), deserves, regarding the fact that her professional collegues Lucia Rijker and Christi Martin - the most popular female boxers in the US - have accomplished far less.

"Regina Halmich had more title defences in the last two years than all other women combined", WIBF president Dennis Diaz complimented the most successful champion of his organization. "Regina is fighting the best - and she is the best!"

Halmich upped her record to 26-1 (8), whereas Zamarron dropped to 16-8-1(4).

"I want to fight a rematch against Yvonne Trevino in the US", Halmich put her plans into a concrete form. Trevino was the woman, who inflicted the to date single loss on the German, when the ringside doctor called a halt to the bout due to a deep cut over Halmich's eye.

"Trevino is the only woman who ever beat me. I want to avenge that loss", Regina said confidently.

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