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Jones-Hall Report

Thomas Gerbasi


No one has been a bigger defender of Roy Jones Jr. than I have.  But after tonight’s public flogging of Richard Hall, which resulted in Jones defending his undisputed light heavyweight title via an 11th round TKO, I’ve seen enough of the wildly talented but underachieving Jones.

In the first round of the bout, Hall, a game but overmatched mandatory challenger, visited the canvas twice, courtesy of Jones’ lightning quick fists.  With sufficient time to close the show in the opening stanza, Jones chose to pose, as is his custom.  Ding-ding.  Hall survives.

One would think that a champion with not only talent, but determination, would have taken his opponent out in the very next round.  Uh-uh.  Not Jones.  Content to preen and pose, Jones picked his shots with a surgeon’s proficiency.  Very impressive against world class foes like James Toney and Reggie Johnson, but not so against Richard Hall, who should not have spent more than three minutes in the ring with Jones.

The pattern continued throughout the fight.  Roy pitching…Hall catching.  And catching…and catching some more.  Jones, who is always at the forefront when it comes to talking about compassion for his fellow boxers, showed none for his opponent tonight.  Mocking Hall, dancing, and basically toying with him, Jones left a bad taste in my mouth, but not in the mouths of a raucous Indiana crowd which cheered his every move.

By the time round nine rolled around, Jones had hardly broken a sweat, while Richard Hall’s face had become grotesquely misshapen due to the accumulation of punches which had rained down on him.  Any corner worth its salt would have stopped the fight.  But there was to be no mercy for Hall.  And Hall, despite his lack of championship credentials, had the heart of an undisputed champion, as he continued to rise off his stool to answer the bell.

Jones’ hands must have gotten sore by round eleven, as he finally made an effort to finish his thoroughly beaten foe.  Referee Wayne Kelly was about two rounds too slow in stopping the bout, but he finally made the call at the 1:41 mark. 

What does this win prove?  The same thing most of Jones’ title defenses have proven: nothing.  Roy Jones would be doing boxing a favor by retiring, as he has become the Hope diamond of the squared circle…untouchable and unapproachable.  He won’t fight Dariusz Michalczewski.  He won’t fight Antonio Tarver.  He won’t move up to heavyweight, though he tries to make us think he’s contemplating a challenge of Lennox Lewis.  And he won’t fight, period.  A glorified sparring session with an overmatched opponent may have excited the crowd at the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indiana, but history is a much harsher critic.  Roy Jones has squandered more talent than has ever been seen in the sport.  The situation doesn’t look to get any better either. 

Enough, Roy, enough.

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