Joe Hipps results 9/23 in Bellevue, Wa.

by monte christensen

Bellevue, Washington
Monday September 23rd

This is the first major fight card that I have seen in the Seattle area
or a nearby suburb in the last 2 years.  Most of the recent cards have
been at Indian Casinos or south of the city in Kent.  This card figured
to draw pretty well as it featured the very popular local heavyweight
Joe "The Boss" Hipp.  However, the card was not very well publicized.
No coverage in the local papers, no radio or TV coverage, and only one
ad in the paper that I saw.  I actually know boxing fans who had no idea
that the fight would be in Bellevue.  The last card that I went to in
Washington was in Hoaquim.  This is a small fishing and lumber community
over 100 miles from Seattle.  It was held outdoors in a old semi-pro
baseball stadium.  THis card was held in the convention center in 

I walk up to the ticket window.  I know several of the fighters on the
card and figure this could actually be a decent card.  The promoter claims
that he expects to draw 1500 people.  I think he will be lucky to draw 750
from what I have seen of local boxing cards.  $75 gets me a first row seat
right in the middle of the row and no more than 3 ft from the ring.  The
whole promotion is not very well run though.  There are no ushers and
since the place is only about 30% full the people who bought $20 tickets
can just sit down front.  

Fight #1, 4 rounds
Zach Moore 231 1/2lbs, 1-0, Tacoma, Wa.  vs  
Boyd Combs 215lbs, Pro Debut, British Columbia

This fight is not much of a contest.  Zach seems to have the measure
of Boyd early in the fight.  Boyd is bobbing and weaving but not
throwing any punches.  He gets backed up into the cornet with a
hard right hand.  A 4-5 punch barrage makes the ref give
a standing 8 count.  Combs now fights very defensively and Zach moves
in to finish off his opponent.  Another standing 8 count and just
after the ref stops the fight.

Fight #2
Female Lightweights, 4 rounds
Masuyo Oishi 133 3/4lbs, Pro Debut, Tokyo, Japan vs
Melanie Blendell 135lbs, Pro Debut, Vancouver, B.C.

Masuyo was touted as the only Japanesse female boxer.  Masuyo came out in 
the first round throwing a good jab.  Melanie took over about midway through 
the round.  Melanie threw much harder punches as both traded quite a few 
punches.  Blendell backed her opponent up to the ropes several times and
landed good body punches and uppercuts.  The 2nd round was also going for
Blendell when Oishi scored a knockdown.  The 3rd round was all Blendell 
and she got a standing 8 count.  Both fighters were giving it their all and 
Oishi was bleeding and Blendell has bruises under both eyes.  The 4th 
round was all Blendell and Oishi got another standing 8 count.  Blendell
went on to win a hard earned unanimous decision.

Fight #3
Super Middle Weights, 6 rounds
Kenny Ellis 162 1/4lbs, 13-0, Seattle, Wa. vs
Jason Christopher 168 1/4lbs, 10-2 Boise, Idaho

This fight was not much of a match.  Ellis just dominated this fight the 
whole way.  Christopher tried to use his reach and jab to keep Ellis off but 
just didn't have enough power to do so.  He took a lot of punches in this 
fight. In the 2nd round he was really rocked.  The ref was in the process of
giving a standing 8 count when Ellis landed a devastating left hook
that sent Christopher to the canvas for the 10 count.  Ellis continues
to impress.  He seems ready to step up to 8-10 round fights now and can
be considered somewhat of a prospect.

Fight #4
Jr. MiddleWeights, 8 rounds
Tim "Sandman" Shocks 153lbs, 11-3, Seattle, Wa. vs
Darrell Cottrell 149lbs, 8-11, Ogden, Ut. 

This fight was as bad a mismatch in the ring as on paper.  Shocks
totally dominated Cottrell.  Cottrell was constantly backing up and
not throwing very many punhces.  Shocks seemed to be waiting to 
time his right hand and left hook off of the jab in the first 
round.  In the second round he was able to follow up that jab
with hard power shots.  He landed a hard combo midway through
the 2nd round.  Cottrell went down and the ref waved off the 

Main Event
Heavyweights, 10 rounds
Joe "The Boss" Hipp 257lbs, 33-4 23 KOs, Yakima Wa. vs
Fred Houpe 204lbs, 13-4, Chicago Il.

As soon as Houpe entered the ring I knew this was going to be
a quick fight.  I have never heard anything about Houpe but I am 
sure that he use to be a cruiserweight.  He wasn't very strong
and looked very soft around the middle.  He also had small
legs.  Hipp looked about the same as 7 weeks ago.  His best
fights have been at 235-240lbs.  He came out and attacked Houpe.
Houpe was backing up throwing a few jabs but mostly just
trying to avoid the on rushing Hipp.  A hard right cross knocked
Houpe down early in the 1st round.  Hipp followed up with a
good body attack.  The ref gave Houpe a standing 8 count.  The
fight could have continued but Houpe basically gave up at this
point.  The ref then stopped the fight at 1:51 of the 1st round.

The promoter was talking about a rematch with Seldon or a possible
Foreman fight.  I can't see Hipp beating Seldon at 250+lbs.  If
he can train down to 240 or less he would have a shot.  Hipp is
a good brawler and has a pretty good chin.  But he has to have
enough speed to get inside and rumble.  A foreman fight seems
highly unlikely.
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