William Joppy TKO 9 Shinji Takehara (6/24)

by Shun Matsuoka

William Joppy, the number one contender, became the new WBA middleweight champion by stopping Shinji Takehara in the 9th round. It was Takehara's first fight since winning the title from Jorge Castro last year.

Joppy started very strongly and dropped Takehara with an overhand right in the first round. Joppy punished Takehara from all angles after the knockdown, but failed to finish him off. Joppy went on to dominate Takehara with quick jabs and combinations and took rounds 2 though 5 easily. The fifth round was especially big for Joppy as he hurt Takehara really badly with a big right to the chin.

Joppy slowed down a bit after the 5th round, and took some breathers in the next three rounds. He came out strongly in the 9th, and landed series of powerful overhand rights to the defenseless Takehara. Takehara somehow kept standing, but the ref stepped in to stop the fight.

Joppy improved to 22-0-1(18). Takehara dropped to 24-1(18).

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