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Punch Lines - 11/27/98
by Katherine Dunn

Rascal Updates

The Fight Guy Portland booking agent Howie Tanzman still hasn't paid what he owes to heavyweight boxer Marcus Rhode of St. Joseph, Missouri. As reported in Punch Lines in September, Tanzman booked Rhode into a fight in Japan last August for a promised purse of $3,000. Rhode and other witnesses claim that Tanzman passed himself off as Rhode's manager, got his hands on the fighters pay, and gave Rhode only $1,000, pocketing the rest. He also made off with Rhode's air fare home to Missouri. Rhode phoned Punch Lines during the second week of November to confirm that Tanzman has still not paid what the fighter is owed. "But he's still booking. Working with Champion Promotions," Rhode pointed out.

The October issue of Ring Sports magazine, which is published in Reno,carried a large ad for Champion Promotions. The ad lists Howard Tanzman as one of the main players of the Las Vegas-based company. Appealing to boxers, the ad says "We can get you fights - Worldwide booking - Best training facilities."

In the section that speaks to promoters and matchmakers the ad says, "We have access to: 100's of boxers - all weight classes - short notice O.K." Is it just us, or does this reek of a low-rent meat packing operation running on one phone and a fist full of business cards? So disappointing after Tanzman declared in September that he was getting out of boxing and going into music promotions or maybe car sales instead.

The Wrassler Former World Wrestling Federation star Billy Jack Haynes of Portland is attracting attention from more law enforcement agencies. The November 13 issue of Punch Lines reported that Detective Terry Moss of the St. Helens, Oregon, police department has asked the District Attorney for an indictment of Haynes for Theft by Deception. Haynes allegedly scammed a fair chunk of the population of that small town into forking out money for a wrestling show that Haynes claimed he would bring to town. When Haynes disappeared with the cash, Detective Moss got involved. Now the Oregon State Attorney General's Office is also investigating Haynes. Jan Margosian of the state Consumer Fraud division confirms that her office is investigating Haynes for "possible violations of unlawful trade practices." She indicates that there are multiple complaints about Haynes from the
larger Portland metro area and that whatever the St. Helens D.A. can't pick up on, the state will pursue.

On The Road

Greg "Mutt" Haugen won his November 20 rematch with Paul Nave by a split decision in Nave's hometown, San Rafael, California. Our eyewitness source says Haugen actually won handily, jabbing well and doing plenty of damage with his right hand. Nave went down in the third and Haugen was docked a point in the 11th. Two judges saw it as 114-112, 116-109 for Haugen. One judge called it 114-112 for Nave.

Haugen, the three-time world champion from Auburn, Washington, lost a decision to Nave in the same town back in March of this year. Having torn his right rotator cuff in the first round, Haugen looked sluggish in that match and announced his retirement at the end. Following surgery and months of physical therapy, Haugen looked much better this time around, and he took Nave's World Boxing Federation welterweight title in the process.

Fighting in the "Mile High City" of Denver, Colorado, on Wednesday, November 12, Alfonse "Scooter" Meza of Zilla, Washington, lost an eight-round decision in the jr. welterweight main event. The winner was Denverite Jose Lupe Lopez.

On the undercard, Portland heavyweight James Arnett Churn was stopped in the first round by Will Hinton of Denver. Churn was placed on indefinite medical suspension. The personable Churn, who will turn 40 in January, now has a record of 7 wins, 21 losses, one draw, with 3 KO's to his credit. According to Fight Fax records, he campaigned mostly as a cruiserweight until he was "retired permanently" by the state of Illinois back in August of 1986 after being KO'd in the first by heavyweight Oliver McCall. Nonetheless, Churn fought again five months later in Nevada, where he stopped Mark Lee in the sixth round. Then he was absent from the ring for eleven years until he reappeared this year in Portland. Churn's first comeback bout was in Colorado in September. That match against Derrick Banks ended in a second round technical draw. Churn weighed 228 lbs for that September bout and 238 lbs on November 12. Will Hinton used his right hand to deck Churn twice. The ref didn't like Churn's responses when he got up the second time and stopped the bout at 1:57 of the first round.

Morton Down but Not Out

Portland fight manager Mike "Motormouth" Morton was mightily vexed when he couldn't go to Denver with his jr. welterweight, "Scooter" Meza. On the morning of November 11, Morton suffered a minor stroke and went to the
hospital instead of the airport. Morton is running his construction business and keeping an eye on his boxing affairs from his Providence Hospital bed between bouts of physical therapy. He says his biggest disappointment is not getting the chance to crack jokes about his Seattle rival, manager George Chemeres, at the press conference for the upcoming show at the Lucky Eagle. Morton is expected to walk out of the hospital under his own steam on December 3, by which time he will have sold new house siding to the entire hospital staff.

Lucky Eagle Re-Match Still Goes

Mike Morton's World Boxing Board Jr. Lightweight Champ, Miguel "The Manilla Mauler" Arrozal of Portland, is prepping hard for his re-match and title defense against Seattle's John John Palaki at the Lucky Eagle Casino in
Rochester, Washington. Matchmaker Bennie Georgino says the undercard for this Friday, December 11, show will include a lightweight four-rounder between Portland's Joe DeMarco and Jesus Santiago of Seattle. DeMarco
trains at the West Portland Boxing Club, where he spars with Arrozal. Santiago does his sweating at the Hillman City Gym, where he has been sparring with Palaki.

Also on the undercard, Mike Lucero of Portland takes on Miguel Oliveras of Reno in a four-round lightweight bout. In another four-rounder, heavyweight Mark Green of Seattle meets Shawn Jewell of Idaho. Miguel Ruiz and Jose Reynoso Hernandez, both of Reno, meet in an eight-round jr. welterweight bash. The first bell rings at 7 p.m.

Boxing Hall of Fame Ceremony

The Grand Cafe in Portland was crammed on Wednesday, November 18 for the induction of new members to Oregon's Boxing Hall of Fame. The event was sponsored by the Veteran Boxers Association of Oregon and ably orchestrated by master of ceremonies Johnny Howard. The tale spinning was wild and ornamental, as a good thousand years worth of fistic experience assembled to dine, laugh and palaver. The new names etched on the Oregon Boxing Hall of Fame trophy include referee Packy McFarland, fighter and trainer Harry Moyer, former world jr middleweight champ Denny Moyer, ex-world ranked contender Dick Wagner, fighter, trainer manager Jack Bracke, and the popular late heavyweight, Joe Kahut.

Upcoming Amateur Shows

The Golden Glove Boxing Club hosts a show at the Pay n Pak Store building, 8900 N. Vancouver in Portland, on Saturday, November 28. Bouts begin at 8 p.m.

Results from the Saturday, November 21, amateur show presented by the Medford Bulldogs at the Double Tree in Medford will appear in the next issue of Punch Lines.

Amateur Results

Sun River Resort's November 12 fund raiser for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Bend area was so successful that it will become an annual event. The Knott Street Boxing Club of Portland organized the six amateur bouts that
drew the crowd. Oregon Chief of Officials Harold Pakula provided the results as follows: 132 lbs, Open Seniors: Alvarardo Torres of Southern California stopped Gabe Flores of the Pacific Northwest in the first round.
170 lbs, Special Seniors: Marcus Pernell of Knott St. won over Rooster Jackson of the Medford Bulldogs. 132 lbs, Open Seniors: Jose Navarro won over Trevor Thurston of British Columbia. 147 lbs, Open Seniors: Marcus
Moore of Tacoma won over James Alison of British Columbia by retirement after the second round. Super Heavyweights, Open Seniors: Sam Sleezar of Medford won over Troy Taylor of British Columbia. 156 lbs, Open Seniors: Reggie Davis of Knott St. won over Matt O'Brien of British Colombia.

The Seven Feathers Hotel and Casino Resort in Canyonville, Oregon, donated the use of the Umpqua Grand Ballroom and the gate from around a thousand fans to the Bulldog Boxing Club on Saturday, November 7. The Bulldogs did the organizing for the Northwest Classic Amateur Boxing Invitational. Afternoon and evening sessions had the following results: 3-5 pm session 70 lbs, 9 years: Ben Perez of Medford Bulldogs won over Caleb Leonard of Sweet Home. 147 lbs, 13-14 years: E. Gutierrez of Santa Rosa, CA, Double Punches Club won over Kevin Triplett of Eugene's Hardknox Club. 70 lbs, 9 years: Moises Rodriguez of the Bulldogs won over Wade Marney of West Eugene Boxing. 160 lbs, 16 years: Steven Sanchez of Concord, Cal. stopped Harley
Castro of Hardknox in the first round. 150 lbs, Seniors: Daniel Ortiz of Double Punches of Santa Rosa, CA. stopped Rafael Ortiz of Sweet Home in the first. 175 lbs, Seniors: Jim Gladen of Ashland won over Dylan Lindell of West Portland. Evening Session 45 lbs, 8 years: Luis Regalado of Bulldogs won over Dillon Tabino of West Portland. 165 lbs, Seniors: Deno Jenkins of Washington's South Everett Boxing stopped Raymond Stafford of Santa Rosas' Double Punches after the first round. 125 lbs, 16-17 years: Sal Regalado of Bulldogs won over Jesus Orozco of Klamath Falls. 165 lbs, 16 years: Darryl Woods of Sacramento PAL won over Marco Ashe of Sweet Home. 132 lbs, 15-16 years: Ricky Gallegos of Bulldogs won over Terrel Barbour of Tacoma. 140 lbs, 16-17 years: Marcus Moore of Tacoma won over Rene Silva of Sacramento PAL. 100 lbs, 13 years: Troy Wohosky of Bulldogs won over Luis Tobar of Sacramento PAL. 175 lbs, Seniors: Chris Cruz of Concord, CA's KO Boxing Club won over Marcus Parnell of Knott Street Boxing Club. 119 lbs, Seniors: Josh Dahl of South Everett stopped Lionel Leon of Bulldogs in the third round. 156 lbs, Seniors: Reggie Davis of Portland's Knott St. Boxing club won over Lyman Cheyney of Tacoma. 175 lbs, 16 years: Vili Bloomfield of South Everett won over Rooster Jackson of Bulldogs. 201+ lbs, 15-16 years: Mike Wilson of Bulldogs won over Silvano Gutierrez of Santa Rosa's Double Punches. 201 lbs, Seniors: Mike Simms of Yolo, CA KO Boxing won over Sam Sleezer of Bulldogs. Outstanding senior boxer was Josh Dahl of South Everett, WA. Outstanding Junior was Troy Whosky of the Medford Bulldogs. Outstanding Senior bout was Lionel Leon (Bulldog) vs Josh Dahl (S. Everett) Outstanding Junior bout was Rooster Jackson (Bulldog) vs Vili Bloomfield (S. Everett)

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