by Pedro Fernandez

Of all the people who are involved in the world of professional boxing on a promotional level, no one tells it like it is better than Atlantic City promoter Frank Gelb. And what he had to say during our conversation yesterday on the phone was nothing more than the hard truth.

"Pedro, boxing is at an all time low. There are only a few PPV fighters out there, and they don't seem to be interested in fighting each other. Tyson's biting Evander last year wasn't the coup de grace, it (the fall from grace) was coming even before the bite."

"There simply aren't enough world class fighters out there. And with rival promoters and cable networks looking to hurt each other, the losers are the fans and the fighters."

Gelb known in these circles as the "Godfather of Atlantic City" has always been a bit of a prophet. So., I asked him Frank, is boxing going to die?

"No, I don't think so. But the fact that Las Vegas casinos aren't doing any boxing business is not a good sign. It's always been said that boxing goes the way of the heavyweight champion. Well, right now we've got more than one-with a division that is in shambles."

"Holyfield's a great champion. But he needs a dance partner other than Mike Tyson. Holyfield and Lennox Lewis need to fight each other. And the Michael Grant's and the like will have to step up and prove to the world just what they are made of."

Notes: Mike Acri who promotes Hector Camacho says the DUI charge filed last week in Orlando, Fl against the Harlem Heckler will be dropped. According to Acri, this is what happened.

"Hector was playing pool and partying with some musicians and the police came saying they were too loud. Camacho tried in vain to get the party quieted. A few hours later, Hector is driving away from the house. He had not yet turned on his lights, and he was trying to stick a cassette in the tape deck. He hits the lights and before he knows, the same cop that came to the house now wants him to walk the line. It was the middle of the night. Hector was tired and he didn't walk the line perfectly.

So, they took him to the police station where he passed two alcohol breathalizer tests. As for the urine test. Hey, that's going a little bit too far. They claimed he was drunk, Hector wasn't. They may suspend his license for 90 days for not cooperating fully with the cops.

I talked to his probation officer and he told me according to him, Hector did nothing wrong. Case closed!"

What do you make of the war between promoters Cedric Kushner and Main Events aka the Duvas? At first when Cedric was a non entity who concentrated promoting primarily on foreign soil, the Duva's saw him as no threat. But then came Ike Ibeabuchi, a Kushner client who destroyed the myth that was undefeated heavyweight David Tua. But the straw that broke the arrogant Duva's back was when Angel Manfredy annihilated Arturo Gatti two months ago. Then there were some squabbles over money, and now the Duva's according to my Time Warner mole have told HBO that they don't want to do any business with Cedric anymore.

Hmm....Larry Merchant of HBO fame says one of the big four has to go. Main Events, Top Rank, Cedric Kushner, or Don King. "The Duva's don't have too much. They were hoping to match Pernell Whitaker with Ike Quartey in order to fight De La Hoya. Arum's got a few lesser known champions besides De La Hoya, who is his only real cash cow. Kushner is here to stay, I think. He doesn't have all his eggs in one basket. With some stuff overseas and some shows domestically. If King gets convicted of Fraud, then you might see a mass exodus of talent. Something or somebody has to give."

Ex-champ and JC Chavez slayer Frankie Randall appears in Pittsburgh, PA this week for Mike Acri Promotions.

.According to Jose Sulaiman, the WBC Prez, don't expect Ricardo Lopez to rematch WBA 105 lb. guy Rosendo Alvarez. "Ricardo was having so much trouble making the weight, that he will probably fight 108 lb. champion Saman Sorjaturong next. Then fight the rematch with Alvarez." Sulaiman went on to say that. "Ricardo wants nothing more than a rematch with Alvarez." Then fight him first!

Still no word from Top Rank, either to deny or confirm what was reported here yesterday that Oscar De La Hoya was looking for a new promoter. Hmmm. No reaction from Top Rank even lends further credence to the reports..

Tomorow night on Ring Talk, guests include: WBC big boy Lennox Lewis, HBO guru Larry Merchant, WBA 168 lb. champ Frank Liles, and HBO Exec Lou DiBella..

Saturday at 11 PM ET Ring Talk airs on the TALK AMERICA Radio Network live coast to coast, as well as being heard live in 166 countries on the Internet at Listener calls are taken at 1-800-298-8255

Hey, I know there are other boxing radio shows that have attempted top copy my format. it can't be done. There are guys who front themselves off both as journalist's and broadcasters, when in reality all they are boxing fans with some money behind them.

For 11 years now, Ring Talk has set the standard. It truly is "The insider's look into the world of boxing." Tune in and find out why I am "the undisputed heavyweight champion of the radio airwaves!"

With the "G" going after Don King in what amounts to a "witch hunt." Why do they call it the Justice System? It turns out Lloyds of London doesn't want to remove DK from power. It's Bob Arum's cronies at the Justice Department who do. In case you didn't know, Arum was a US Attorney under both JFK & LBJ. That being said, is it just a coincidence that the "G" is retrying King after a jury split 6-6 on the insurance fraud caper the first time? You tell me? Meanwhile, prospective Newark, NJ jurors in the People vs Don King have been asked to complete a 47 page questionaire..

Pedro Fernandez

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