King Against the Court Again

by Pedro Fernandez

The US Supreme Court yesterday punched promoter Don King in the face when they refused to uphold a lower court's ruling that King's company, "Don King Productions" should not be a party to the Fraud charges the government is currently prosecuting the promoter for in New Jersey.

King is alleged to have snookered insurance giant Lloyd's of London for $350, 000. This all comes from a canceled fight in 1991. The match was supposed to have pitted then undefeated Julio Cesar Chavez against fringe contender Harold Brazier.

The indictment came down in 1994, and King went on trial the following year. The 12 member jury was deadlocked as to whether convict or acquit the wire haired promoter with six votes for guilty, and six for acquittal.

Normally when the "G" loses a case they had dumped $24 million into, they pack up their tent and go home. But this is Don King, America's most prolific Black businessman. A man who the government has taken to the mat before, only to have the now 66 year King walk away with his hairdo intact.

And one has to remember that King's #1 rival for the past 20 years is a former United States Attorney in Bob Arum who runs Top Rank, Inc. Arum had worked in the office that Janet Reno now runs during the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations as an attorney for the "G."

Folks, Lloyd's of London was willing to settle this matter civilly. It was the government who refused to accept a $5 million settlement in 1995, not the insurance magnate. And remember a lot of this case stems from the testimony of former King Accountant Joseph Mafia, a twisted sort who looked like a clone of Jack Ruby. Mafia was fired from Don King Productions

In the meantime Arum and his promotional cohorts hope that King takes a fall, so they can attempt to topple his empire. But don't get so antsy just yet Master Bob. It'll take 12 people to bring what you've wanted all of your professional life, an end to Don King. And I for one, don't think it's going to happen!

Pedro Fernandez

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