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Good morning Mr. and Ms. America, and those reading this overseas...It was a sad day for all the world as boxing great Archie Moore passed yesterday in San Diego, CA. Scheduled to interview the Old Mongoose in June, that was nixed when Archie checked into the Oneida Indian Hospital in upstate NY complaining of being light headed...While the count tolled 10 on one 84 year old, another in baseball great Joe Di Maggio clung to life on a thread. Sunshine State sources say Joe has not only been given the Last Rites thrice, but that he was brought back from the dead twice! Grim Reaper is toying with ex-hubby of Marilyn Monroe...Dying is the spits...But we all have to go? Sometimes I think life is like a football game broken down into four quarters. Do you even wonder what quarter you're in? I do...Moore was ready to fight fellow light heavyweight great Bob Foster in 1992, when I told him Bob said he was too slow. "I can still kick his ass," said Archie as he took off his coat and hat. I had to "passively" restrain him and told Moore it was just me trying to start crap for a story. I wasn't, as Foster was in the next room. "Archie, couldn't have hit me in the ass with a ping pong paddle. I'd a knocked Archie out." Year before (91) in Richmond, CA, while working for a Cable company, interviewed George Foreman for his upcoming bout with Evander Holyfield. After wrapping up Big George, Archie took notice of the fact that I didn't interview him. Ticked, the old Mongoose grabbed me by the jacket as I walked by. I wasn't trying to diss him, the Producer made that call. Moore let go after a few seconds and my pump started to beat again. I didn't see that smile that Associated Press said he was so famous for, not in those two instances anyway...RIP Archibald Wright...Obed Sullivan is the meanest looking Black sissy I've ever seen. His losing to 41 year old Jesse Ferguson shows looks ain't spit...Marty Corwin, longtime Don King TV Producer leaving soon..Tension in the air...Don King says "Christy Martin is all right with me now." FIVE STAR FLASH...Six figure lady boxer has had 18 minutes of fame, three too many! Coal Miner's daughter afraid of Lucia Rijker? CM calls LR a shemale, while  fighting nothing but inexperienced hobo-es'...Last week John Bizarro died in Erie, Penn. Unsuccessful challenger for a world title against Filipino legend Flash Elorde and Hall of Famer Carlos Ortiz. John's brother, Juan Bizarro almost got killed by Roberto Duran in a lightweight tile bout in 1978...Oddsmaker Herb Lambeck laying down $$$$ on Arturo Gatti and Fernando Vargas...Current Odds: Vargas 8-5, over Yory Boy Campas. Floyd Mayweather -$220 over Angel Manfredy +$185 for December 19, on Uncle Seth's HBO..STUCK UP DEVIL? Manfredy expected tons of respect from the media, and a trifle from Floyd. Hasn't got either AND is LIVID! Won't stay up for Ring Talk appearance Saturday night as brother John claims Angel is asleep by 9:30 ET. With HBO's Boxing After Dark airing late Saturday, you know that particular John Manfredy claim IS lame, at least for this week. Floyd is training in Big Bear, CA, while Manfredy is in Sarasota, FL. I hope Angel wins. Cause if he doesn't, nobody will want to interview him after that..No, there is some bum in L.A. that does a radio show that compares to mine in that only the subject matter is the same. Other than RT, they are all bush league...Speaking of Bush, Canadian Kirk Johnson NEEDS another two years on the Hobo circuit after his showing against "Thawed Ice" Al Cole Tuesday Night on PPV...FIVE STAR FLASH...Uncle Seth Abraham, HBO Sports Prez and Time Warner's Six Million Dollar man is moving ever so close to a deal with Don King over Felix Trinidad in NYC. Talks continue today...Bad news as Nevada Commission member Dr. Elias Ghanem's Cancer has returned and it doesn't look good. Famous for writing prescriptions for Elvis Presley, Ghanem has done a lot for Social medicine in Nevada by lending his name and support to many health projects throughout the State. A GREAT guy...WBC Convention for '99 scheduled for Moscow. SOME members distressed at South African site for  '98, and now Moscow! Russian Mafia awaiting WBC Conventioneers with open arms as crime capital of former USSR dangerous place to be. 'BC Prez Jose Sulaiman asked Winchell in Palm Springs 10 days ago if he would attend. Moscow in Winter? I don't even like NYC in Winter...Secret Mayweather strategy is, "To win one minute at time," says Camp source. Won't allow Manfredy to manhandle. "I'll be hitting him with some great shots, I can see that," said Pretty Boy in a September Ring Talk appearance...Floyd Jr. scheduled this weekend on RT...Check the Ring Talk guest list on the front page...FIVE STAR FLASH...Tito Trinidad is DONE! Fighter stayed at unnatural 147 lbs. two and a half years too long. Suspect #1 contender Vincent Pettway NO barometer of talent wasted. Second fight is WBA James Page who blasts Tito in two, three at the most...Akbar Muhammad (not that one) going to work for Travesty Springs in Indio?? Fantasy Springs has yet to offer an apology from the CHIEF for my inhumane treatment November 28, (See Monday Morning Me on November 30)...FIVE STAR FLASH...The talk INSTEAD is to ban WW from the Cabazon Indian Nation...Hmmm..They say 15% of the Indians on these cash cow casino reservations are rolling in the dough, the other 85...I can go on Brother Ben...FOX TV guy Rich Marotta was stunned at the negative electronic mail that hit the office after his performance on Monday night at the L.A. Forum. More importantly, he NOW knows why! Oscar De La Hoya does his thing with the Media on January 18, in Big Bear, CA...STILL a total denial of the Rape and False Imprisonment charges from ODH...CHIRP, CHIRP, said the promoter! WW did the color for a cable fight between Greg Haugen and Paul Nave on November 20. Hometown guy Nave looked like spit after the sixth and didn't snag a round on three media scorecards (including my own). Marin County promoter Peter Howes asked TCI Big Wig Gary Wasley if he would air the fight minus the audio from the sixth round forward...Like Walter said, CHIRP, CHIRP...FIVE STAR FLASH...Leon Spinks and his remaining 18 brain cells will be ringside in Indio, CA Saturday when son Cory takes on hott 140 lber. Antonio Diaz on UNIVISION. The question of 1998 is: Does Leon have any "teefus" left? Forgot to mention SHOWTIME's Jim Gray in the running for the Boxing Writers of America Broadcaster Award yesterday in my plugging of Colonel Bob Sheridan. Hill's claim to fame (besides a weigh lifters body) is the post-bite interview he did with Mike Tyson, John Horne, and Don King...BUT that was last year. Even still. Mr. Hunk will win hands down because he is a Big Apple TV news guy. Getting up there, Sheridan has televised every fight Don King has promoted since he broke in with DKP with the Rumble In The Jungle, better known as the night Muhammad Ali turned George Foreman out...WANT TO DROP A DIME ON SOMEBODY? You can leave a confidential tip for the Walter Winchell of Boxing 24 hours a day at 650-266-9203. Or electronic mail:   In 27 years of Journalism, rest assured that I've never given up a source!

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