Having just watched Floyd Mayweather dismantle Genaro Hernandez on HBO for the WBC 130 lb. title, Angel "El Diablo" Manfredy was my guest on Ring Talk, a boxing talk show syndicated on the Talk America Radio Networks.

The 23 year old native of Gary, Indiana is in a lot of people's mind, the true claimant to the 130 lb. world championship. After all, it was El Diablo who dethroned HBO poster boy and IBF 130 lb. titleholder Arturo Gatti earlier this year. And he did it in such a convincing fashion thus giving additional merit to Manfredy's backers.

Just off a 12 round win over John Brown that pushed his record to 25-2-1, (20 KO's) on the inaugural TNT card a fortnight ago, the always talkative expressed his feelings about Mayweather, and the other titleholders of various sanctioning bodies at 130 lbs.

RT-First up, your impression of Floyd Mayweather's stoppage of Genaro Hernandez?

AM-I felt Mayweather did his job, he came to fight. I told everybody this was a 50-50 fight either way. Hernandez's experience against Mayweather's youth. Floyd is hungry and that's what I like about him. And it drives me crazy as it's good fighters that bring out the best in me. I think Mayweather fought a beautiful fight, a fight he controlled. I didn't think Hernandez did his job.

RT-What do you mean?

AM-He tried to box a boxer and you can't do that. You've got to go ion there and exchange with him. When he tried, Hernandez was just a little bit too slow for him and Mayweather wasn't there. He wasn't strong enough.

RT-Genaro had never lost a fight before at 130 lbs. You were suppose to fight him, what happened?

AM-Hernandez' promoters (Bob Arum of Top Rank) wanted options on me. Every promoter wants options, but their just not going to get it. They have to rely on their champion to do his job. He (Bob Arum) must of known that Hernandez was going to lose the fight if he had fought me. That's why he gave Mayweather the fight cause he's young and he's got Mayweather. So, regardless if Mayweather beats Hernandez, he's still got Mayweather. If I would of beat Hernandez, guess what, Arum's left with no junior lightweights cause he doesn't have me. Cedric Kushner is my promoter.

RT-You're coming off a 12 round win over John Brown. He came to fight, didn't he?

AM-Yeah, I don't take nothing away from John Brown as styles make fights and he was very short. But there were also low blows and a lot of head butts. I feel the referee didn't do his job and treated him like he was the champion and I was the opponent. I was fighting two people. Seven low blows and he only takes one point away? It takes a lot out of you. After the fight, my testicles were bruised.

RT-So, you didn't spend the time with the old lady after a fight that you usually do?

AM-Ah, no. Basically I just went back to the room and rested my body. Downstairs was hurting very bad. The fight showed me that you just can't knock out everybody. But, I learned from it, as you do all tough fights. This will make me a better fighter period.

RT-Where do rate IBF guy Robert Garcia in your weight class?

AM-(Chuckle) Right now Robert Garcia holds my belt. He hasn't fought no one, and I'm the one who beat Gatti. I am, and I consider myself the IBF champion right now cause I beat Gatti when he was knocking out everybody. I am the best junior lightweight out there. I want to capture all the belts.

RT-What about Floyd?

AM-He proved himself by beating Hernandez.

RT-Do you want him next?

AM-Yes, let's do it. I want to rumble. Like Ali said, I want to rumble in the jungle with Mayweather

RT-Well, why don't we see if we can get Lou Di Bella, the man who makes the fights at HBO on the phone after the next break.


Di Bella has just watched the Mayweather thrashing of Genaro Hernandez on TV at home.

RT-Lou, say hello to the champ.

LD-Hey, Angel. I'm coming to Chicago to see you on Tuesday.

AM-I know.

RT-Angel, lay it out for him. Tell him what you told me before the break.

AM-He knows what I want. I want to fight the best out there.

LD-If the money is right, how about you and Mayweather December 12?

AM-If the money's right, let's do it.

LD-I think we have to do it. We will iron things out Tuesday.

AM-Woo! That's what I wanted to hear. Beautiful, beautiful. I'm going to rip him up.

LD-That would be a terrific fight because I think it puts together the two best junior lightweights in the world. You're going to see a terrific fight if that happens. That's your chance, Angel.

AM-I see it being a very good fight. But nobody can stop me right now.

LD-You think Genaro got very old tonight?

AM-I think so. He was slow, had no timing. And no power at all.

LD-Floyd has much faster hands than I ever realized.

AM-I know. But, I'll slow him down.

LD-The perfect thing about the fight is that some people out there are going to like the other kid and that's why it's a good fight to make.

AM-I want him. Whatever it takes.

RT-Lou, go back to your guests.

LD-Goodnight everybody.

RT-Well Angel, you got the fight.

AM-I want him. And after Mayweather bring on Garcia, any of the other so called contenders at 130 lbs., for I am the true champion.

RT-Last question before you go. Did you make a mistake and not take the $400 grand that was offered you to fight Azumah Nelson in May?

AM-No. My hand wasn't 100% and he has a hard head that I was going to hit a lot. The hand wasn't right, but neither was the money as had I just beat Gatti.

Pedro Fernandez


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