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BUFFALO CHIPS                       
By Randy Gordon

On December 9, Showtime's Steve Albert interviewed Francois Botha.  During the course of the 20-minute interview (of which only a few minutes will air prior to the January 16 Botha-MikeTyson fight), Albert asked Botha, "What will you do if Tyson bites you?"  Botha stifled a laugh, smiled and said, "I'll bite him right back!"  Perhaps the Nevada State Athletic Commission will provide a muzzle similar to the one forced upon Dr. Hannibal Lechter in "Silence of the Lambs"…S.O.S.: On Wednesday afternoon, former cruiserweight champion Orlin Norris arrived to begin his stint as a Tyson-like sparring partner for Botha.  At almost the same time, California heavyweight Ed Mahone, 19-0 (all KO's) arrived.  Reinforcements are necessary, as journeyman Mark Young (a KO victim to Tyson in 1985 and George Foreman in 1989) has been pounded in his four sessions with the "White Buffalo" and it's doubtful he'll last until fight time at this pace…"This boy ain't no joke!" said Young after completing six torturous rounds against Botha on Tuesday.  "He hits harder than Tyson or Foreman."…The "White Buffalo" is currently weighing in at 230 pounds…Manager Sterling McPherson and head trainer Panama Lewis were the focus of a media teleconference call on Tuesday afternoon.  Both men exuded confidence their man could-and would-beat Mike Tyson…On Wednesday, Botha was a guest on KGME, a 50,000-watt boomer in Phoenix, Arizona, training home of Tyson.  Botha told hosts John Gambadoro and Tim Liotta, "To them (Team Tyson) I'm just a little old woman.  They are in for a rude awakening.  Tyson's comeback is going to be more than his comeback.  It's going to be his retirement!"  Botha was also asked by hosts "Gambo and Liotta" if he still considers South Africa his home.   Botha replied, "I live in California and I am Americanized, but I am still a South African.  I love that country and it's people.  I feel the same way about America.  I am a very lucky man."…For Saturday's heavyweight matchup between David Tua and Haseem Rahman, Botha says, "I don't think all that much of either man, but I like Tua's power.  I see him winning inside the distance."…TALK ABOUT FOCUSED!: A writer today asked Botha if he had considered who his next opponent might be after facing Tyson.  Botha shook his head, smiled and told the reporter, "The only man I'm thinking of fighting after January 16 is Mike Tyson, in the rematch I promise to give him after I knock him out!"   

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