by Mike DeLisa

Perhaps the most inscrutable of organisms on this planet is a heavyweight fighter. Mike Tyson proved that once again in a conference call this afternoon, although several of his comments proved that Tyson is re-dedicated to his chosen sport. Tyson handled himself admirably in light of the barage of "boxing only" questions tossed at him by some of the best boxing writers in the nation. But, it was an offhand, casual comment that was most revealing. Tyson was asked to comment on "Seldon's dream," which has appeared in various media. In the dream, Seldon and Tyson are both cut and each is knocked down. Going into the last round, Seldon's corner advises him that if he wins the round he wins the fight. The bell rings. They touch gloves -- and then he wakes up. On hearing this, Tyson seemed amused and retorted, "I get knocked out in every dream so that tells you its only a dream." Funny, yes, but insightful also. Perhaps Tyson is capable of controlling and using his fear because he has already faced his demons while asleep.

The Tyson who spoke on the phone exudes confidence and professionalism. He clearly has prepared himself and is poised to embark on a series of fights to regain sport's highest honor, the heavyweight crown. When asked what should be in Seldon's mind he said with sincerity "Don't show up." Over and over again Tyson repeated "I just want to fight." By the end of the call, he had made that clear.

Bruce Seldon, when you climb through the ropes on July 13 you are going up against Iron Mike Tyson. The same Tyson who, when told he is being compared to Jack Dempsey, said simply, "I like Mr. Dempsey a lot." Does that give you a hint as to what you might be facing?

I asked King what Tyson's schedule will be after the Seldon fight. The winner of Botha-Seldon is definite. King expects Oliver McCall to defeat Lewis in a rematch, then Tyson will fight McCall and then Akinwande. I pressed to see if Tyson will be defending the title apart from these unification bouts and the King said "Mike Tyson is willing to fight anybody and he will be active." Dare I say it -- I believe Don King?

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