Although I'd like to see him win, I'd sooner bet my life savings on the Chicago Bears winning this year's Super Bowl than to put down a wager that Israel Carddona can beat Shane Mosley. "Sugar" Shane is simply unbeatable at 135 lbs. and power puncher Cardona should be looking for his senses after just a few short rounds.


What kind of strategy can you come up with in one month's time that could help you in fighting one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world?

The tools you need to beat Shane Mosley can not be taught in a month. They take a lifetime to perfect. First and foremost, there is patience. Shane throws many fighters out of their game by whackin' them with a hard shot, and that makes them want to slug. Once this happens Mosley goes into his boxer-puncher stage, and that's when the real trouble starts.


The thing Cardona needs to be careful of is over-patience. As he showed in his fight with Golden Johnson on ESPN 2 Friday night, Cardona was over-patient and didn't step up the fight when he needed to. If he gets too patient in the ring with Mosley, Pito will be caught against the ropes eating the hardest lightweight punches in the world.


Short (Angel Manfredy like) hooks can negate the round body punching from Sugar Shane. When Mosley drops his hands, you can either throw quick short shots or get the hell out of the way. The only way to beat Shane Mosley is to throw off his timing.

Pito can not afford to start this fight backing up. He needs to stay in there and throw quick jabs, short accurate straight rights and left hooks. He should work a three and out method, short three punch combination and step back. If Cardona were to follow a very laid out and consistent game plan he could squeeze out a decision.  My pick: Mosley by TKO between rounds six and eight.


Once Kostya Tszyu scores a late round stoppage over Miguel Gonzalez for the WBC belt, when does he and IBF champ Vince Phillips hook it up again?

And how much will Vince's recent inactivity hurt him. Kostya seems focused on regaining his former glory, and has his mind set on cleaning out the junior welterweight division. After his November 28, HBO date with Gonzalez, there are only two fighters left at 140, Phillips and Tzsyu. They will have no choice but to go back at it again.


This time I think the outcome may be a little different if Vince doesn't
get back to work quick.  My pick is Tzsyu by TKO in 10.

Rodney Verges

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