Pugilfan Video Review

Champions Forever Collector's Edition ($19.95).

ISBN: 1-575070-20-0

This video is a wonderful primer on the careers of the five fighters
who made the 1970s the "golden age" of heavyweight boxing.  Ali,
Frazier, Foreman, Holes, and Norton.  These men were locked in a
circuitous round robin that lasted from 1971 through 1980, when Holmes
beat a dissapated Muhammad Ali.

With the exception of Ken Norton -- who gave Ali fits in all three of
their fights -- each of the above were true "lineal" champions.  The
video Champions Forever commemorates their careers and allows the
viewers some keen insight into the egos needed to allow an athelete to
vie for the heavyweight crown.

This special edition includes a 25-minute "dinner with the champs"
hosted by another great ego, Reggie Jackson. Keen observations are
made by George Foreman, who serves himself much better on this tape
than on many of the HBO telecasts he has appeared in.  He actually
answers questions seriously, avoiding the now-lame "cheeseburger
routine" that has becoe tiresome for many.  

Larry Holmes is as always a wonderful pop-psyche study.  He truly
believes that he could have beaten virtually every other fighter. This
belief in one's ability permeates the comments of each of the
fighters.  The video profiles will allow you to reach your own

The video also contains some now-classic footage -- much of it in
better quality than is normally found.  Fight clips and vintage
interviews are included for each of the champ's profiles.  Indeed, the
entire tape is fairly well recorded in sp mode thaks! -- and thestereo
sound is crisp.

The tape is available at most video chains and is a definite must for
a cocise overview of the careers of these men -- men who remain
champions forever.

A final note -- beware the cheapo versions of this tape that are
circulating.  They don't contain the "dinner with champs" and are
inferior recordings.  Plunk down your $20 and add this to your
permanent collection
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