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November 2002
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CBZ Book Review:

Viewing Boxing From Ringside
By Thomas Donelson and Frank Lotierzo

Reviewed By Mike DeLisa

First a simple disclosure - the authors of this book are valuable contributors to the Cyber Boxing Zone and several of the essays appeared on this website. Hell, it even has an interview with our very own Tracy Callis (and even I learned some stuff by reading that one!) Be that as it may, and you have to take my word for it, this is a great little book by two sharp, incisive authors.

Both Donelson and Lotierzo clearly are deep into the sport - they can as easily discuss (and they do) Ward and Gatti as Harry Wills or Chuck Wepner.

The common thread of these essays is an exploration of the people who make up the sport. Statistics mavens stay away - Donelson and Lotierzo are interested in getting to the heart of why boxing holds so many of us in thrall.

And just to prove that I am no mere shill - oh, yeah, follow the link to purchase at amazon.com - here is my chief criticism - the authors overemphasize the heavyweights. True, they do discuss some non-heavies, but I would have liked to see more of those articles.

So, pick this one up. It will get you thinking about boxing in a whole new, fresh way.


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