WAIL!... The CBZ Journal
October 2002
Philadelphia's Boxing Heritage
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A look back at the career of Welterweight Contender Dick DiVeronica
By Dan Cuoco

Packey McFarland...
"The Champ That Never Was"

By Tracy Callis

If The Boxing Glove Fits:
An Interview with Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Shapiro

By Barry Lindenman

The White Hope Who Outsped Jack Johnson
By Pete Ehrmann

Ward And Gatti: A Throwback To Old Days
By Tom Donelson

Tale of Two Fighters
By Tom Donelson

Boxing, Why We Love It
By Tom Donelson

Gerry Penalosa: The Best Fighter you may Never See
By John Garfield

WAIL! Coverage With a Ring Delay: Lewis-Tyson!
Pieces by Tom Donelson, Frank J. Lotierzo and Lucius Shepard

"Spinks Jinx" Charmed and Unparalled at Light Heavyweight
By Frank J. Lotierzo

Sugar Ray Robinson: The Perfect Boxer
By Tom Donelson

PDF Files by Don Cogswell:
- The Art of the Draw

- Tuscon Alchemy

- International Boxing
  Hall Of Fame 2002

The 2002 International Boxing Hall of Fame Inductions:
Spotlight on Jeff Fenech

By Dave Iamele

Sir Henry Cooper
By Jim Amato

The Pantheon of Pugilism & "No Stones" Jones
By Kristian Nordestgaard

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