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Professor Moore

You have to envy
the easy confidence
of a professor who taught
discipline, longevity
and the art of the knockout
Standards by which the poetry
of pugilism are judged were set
by the way Archie fought; and the
way he fought is the way he lives.
"How do I stay so young at heart?"
he says, pointing to his head.
"I exercise this."

-- Tom Smario

Rinsing Off the Mouthpiece
By GorDoom

Coming of Age
By Ted Kluck

"I love being Vinny Paz!"
An Exclusive Interview with the Pazmanian Devil
With JD Vena

By Rocky Alkazoff

All-Time Top Ten Greatest Boxing Books
By Clay Moyle

Tommy Ryan ... "Fast, Feisty & Super Smart"
By Tracy Callis

The Myth of Plan B
By Frank J. Lotierzo

Elvis and the Dark Side of the Moon
By Enrique Encinosa

Does Size Really Matter?
By Dan Hanley

Fathers, Sons and Boxing
By Rick Farris

Lennox Lewis: The Destroyer
By: Monte Cox

From the Cheap Seats: 2001 Recap
by Steve Coughlin

The Tszyu v. Judah Debacle
by Adam Pollack

Marooned in the Islander Ballroom
Observations from the Mandalay Bay Leading up to, During, and Following Rahman-Lewis II
By Josh Gross

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