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                       Wednesday, June 19, 1996

     Oscar De La Hoya gave a  superb  performance  to  win  the  super
lightweight  world  title  with  a  fourth-round TKO against defending
champion Julio Cesar Chavez in a fight that captured the attention  of
the  entire  world.   DeLaHoya, now 22-0, 20 kos, of East Los Angeles,
cut Chavez, 96-2-1, 78 kos, over the left eye in the opening  seconds,
and  dominated  the  bout  with  his speed and punching power.  He won
every round on every scorecard, and bloodied Chavez' nose and mouth in
the  fourth  round.   The  fight  was  stopped  on  the  advice of the
attending physician due to the severe cuts.  The WBC is very proud  of
DeLaHoya, and believes that he will hold the title with the same honor
and dignity that marked the championship reign of Chavez, one  of  the
great  champions  of  our  day.  Before  the fight, both fighters were
advised that the winner must next make his mandatory  defense  against
No. 1 ranked contender Miguel Angel Gonzalez, 41-0, 31 kos, the former
lightweight world champion with ten successful defenses. They are  now
in the stage of free negotiations. (6-7-96 Las Vegas)

Azumah Nelson, 39-3-2, 28 kos, of Accra, Ghana, added another  chapter
to his incredible career with a sixth-round TKO victory against former
world champion James Leija, 30-3-2, 14 kos,  of  San  Antonio.  Nelson
knocked  down  Leija  in  the  last  seconds of the first round with a
crushing right hand and controlled most of  the  fight.  Leija  fought
effectively in the fourth round, but Nelson took command again and cut
Leija, which stopped the fight at 1:58 of the  sixth  round.   It  was
their third meeting - they fought to a draw on September 10, 1993, and
Leija took the title with a twelve-round decision in  the  rematch  on
May 7, 1994.  (6-1-96 Las Vegas)

Cruiserweight world championship...

Champion Marcelo Dominguez, 19-1-1, 10 kos, of Argentina, will  defend
the  title  against  No.  9  ranked  Patrick Aouissi, 15-1, 10 kos, of
France. Dominguez, the former interim champion, became the  undisputed
champion  when  champion Anaclet Wamba failed to make weight for their
fight scheduled for April 20. The fight is scheduled  for  July  8  in

Light heavyweight world championship...

The WBC is awaiting a statement from champion Fabrice Tiozzo regarding
his  status.   Apparently  Tiozzo  can  no  longer make weight, and is
planning to move up  to  the  cruiserweight  division.   The  WBC  has
ordered  an  elimination  match  to  determine the official challenger
between No.1 ranked Montell Griffin, 22-0, 15 kos, of Chicago, and No.
2 ranked former champion Mike McCallum, 48-3-1, 36 kos, of Las Vegas.

Super middleweight world championship...

Thulane Sugarboy Malinga, 41-9, 17 kos, of Ladysmith, Natal, the first
South  African to win a WBC world title in twenty years, will make his
first  title  defense  against  No.  6  ranked   challenger   Vincenzo
Nardiello, 29-5, 17 kos, of Italy.  Malinga won the super middleweight
world title on March 2  with  a  masterful  performance  in  an  upset
decision  victory  against defending champion Nigel Benn.  29-year-old
Nardiello is an eight-year pro  and  former  European  champion.   The
fight will be held on July 6 in Manchester, England.  In a ceremony on
June 10, South Africa President Nelson Mandela presented Malinga  with
his  WBC  championship belt. WBC President Jose Sulaiman stated, "Now,
after the constitutional prohibition of apartheid and the election  of
the leader of the opposition, Nelson Mandela, who has always fought in
defense of his race, the WBC is profoundly proud of this new champion,
since with the WBC championship belt, he also carries the symbol of 19
years of efforts and  sacrifices  in  our  struggle  to  defend  human
dignity.  The WBC is also deeply honored to have had President Mandela
as the one who made the presentation."

Middleweight world championship...

Champion Keith Holmes had planned to  fight  No.  1  contender  Richie
Woodhall  on July 13, but the fight was cancelled when Woodhall stated
that he was unavailable for that date.

Super welterweight world championship...

Champion Terry Norris' planned defense on June 8 against  Julio  Cesar
Vazquez  was cancelled, and he is now scheduled to fight No. 10 ranked
Alex Rios, 18-2, 14 kos, of San Antonio  on  July  13  in  Las  Vegas.
Norris is 43-6, 27 kos.

Lightweight world championship...

Jean Baptiste Mendy, 49-5-2, 30 kos, of France,  must  make  his  next
defense  against No. 1 ranked mandatory challenger Steve Johnston, 19-
0, 13 kos, of Denver,  who  is  also  the  NABF  champion.   They  are
currently in the stage of free negotiations.

Featherweight world championship...

World champion Luisito Espinoza,  38-7,  20  kos,  who  has  become  a
national hero in the Philippines, will defend his title for the second
time against No. 1 ranked official challenger Cesar Soto,  43-6-2,  34
kos,  of  Ciudad  Juarez,  MX.  The fight will take place on July 6 at
Quirino Grandstand in  the  center  of  Manila,  where  promoters  are
predicting   the   largest   attendance  in  the  history  of  boxing.
Philippine President Fidel Ramos has offered his support of the event.
It  was  21 years ago that one of the greatest fights of all time took
place there - the Thrilla in Manila - Muhammad Ali vs Joe  Frazier  on
October 1, 1975.

Super bantamweight world championship...

Super bantamweight world champion Daniel Zaragoza, 52-7-3, 26 kos,  of
Mexico  City  will  defend  the  title on July 20 against No. 4 ranked
Tsuyoshi Harada, 21-1, 12 kos, in Osaka, Japan, Harada's hometown.

Bantamweight world championship...

The interim title bout between No. 1 ranked Sirimongkol  Singmanassuk,
12-0,  4  kos, of Thailand, and No. 2 Jose Luis Bueno, 28-7-1, 20 kos,
of Mexico City, has been rescheduled for August 10 in Bangkok, on  the
same card as the light flyweight championship bout.

Flyweight world championship...

The highly-anticipated bout  between  flyweight  world  champion  Yuri
Arbachakov, 22-0, 15 kos, and No. 10 ranked Japan champion Takato Puma
Toguchi, 18-2, 15 kos, of Okinawa, has been rescheduled for August  26
in Tokyo.

Light flyweight world championship...

Champion Saman  Sorjaturong's  defense  against  No.  4  ranked  Shiro
Yahiro,  21-2-2,  11  kos,  of Fukuoka, Japan, has been been reset for
August 10 in Bangkok.

Strawweight world championship...

Champion Ricardo Lopez, 41-0, 31 kos, of Mexico City,  will  make  his
sixteenth  title  defense  on  July  13 in Las Vegas against #9 ranked
Kitti Chai Preecha, 19-1, 10 kos, of Thailand.

WBC notebook...
     The annual WBC convention, scheduled for October 20-26 in  Buenos
Aires,  is  receiving  a  tremendous  response - 150 reservations have
already been  received.  For  reservations,  please  contact  the  WBC
offices in Mexico City at - phone (525) 533-6546 and 208-2440, and fax
(525) 208-7763 and 207-7172.
     In response to statements made by commentator Larry  Merchant  on
the  broadcast  of the Nelson-Leija fight, President Sulaiman replied,
"Merchant once again abused the power of the HBO microphone with false
accusations  about  the  foreign judges appointed for the Nelson-Leija
and Chavez-DeLaHoya fights.  But all of the judges involved  performed
impeccably  and  showed  Merchant  to  be  a  liar.  We assume that he
thought the judges would be biased toward Nelson and Chavez, but  they
showed  complete  integrity  and  professionalism  in  their  scoring.
Merchant also called Nelson an 'old  man,'  but  Azumah  proceeded  to
dramatically  knock  out  Leija."   President  Sulaiman added that he,
"doesn't think Merchant will ever come back to reality."
     The WBC encountered several problems with the distribution of the
life  insurance  money  to  the heirs of Jimmy Garcia, but has finally
resolved the situation. Seventy-five percent of the money will  go  to
buy  homes  for Jimmy's two daughters, three and six years of age, and
his son, 9 months of age, with the balance to be used to  open  trusts
for  the  three  children.  The remaining money will be used to open a
trust in the name of Jimmy's mother,  with  a  minor  amount  for  his
father.  The WBC is very proud of the mandatory life insurance to help
the needy families of boxers who pass away in the ring, and is pleased
to  report  that  there have only been three ring fatalities since the
organization instituted the mandatory life insurance  rule.   The  WBC
recently increased its mandatory medical and hospitalization insurance
to $200,000 for every boxer appearing on a WBC championship card.
     The WBC is happy  to  announce  that  Carol  Castellano,  one  of
boxing's  best  judges, is recovering from the cardiovascular problems
that hospitalized her.
     The WBC extends its deepest sympathy to ratings committee  member
Dean Lohuis, his wife Nedina, and their family for the passing away of
their three year old granddaughter.   May  God  have  her  resting  in
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