Billy Hill
("Muldoon's Pickaninny")

BORN     May 14 1875; Wilmington, North Carolina (Fought out of Boston, Ma)
DIED      1913
HEIGHT    5-4 1/2
WEIGHT      126-152 lbs
MANAGERS   William Muldoon, Jack Smith

Hill was a very good boxer who tangled often with some of the best men around; During his career defeated such men as Danny McBride, Nick Collins, Joe Hopkins, Casper Leon, Robert "Stonewall" Allen, Andy Watson, Charley Johnson, Tom McCune, Pepper Griffin, Paddy Fenton, Belfield Walcott and Jim Jaynie

He was also an exceptional dancer; He had a popular stage act in which he would play the mouth harp and perform a "buck" dance

Mar 8 Jack Brunca                   Brooklyn, NY                   KO  1
         -Some sources report "Jack Brunck" at "New York, NY"

Apr 26 Danny McBride                New York, NY                    D  3
          -Reports vary - "D 4" - "W 4"
       Sun Ash                                                     KO  3
Aug    Casper Leon                  New York, NY                   ND  4
          -Some sources report "L 4"
Aug 15 Casper Leon                  New York, NY                   TK  2
          -Some sources report "KO 1" on 8/18/92

       Paddy McBride                Troy, NY                       KO  3
       Bob Green                                                   KO  3
       Kid Curtis                                                  KO  3
       Lou Burke                    Albany, NY                      W 34
       Jerry Barnett                                               KO  4
       Jim Little                                                  KO  3
       Nick Collins                                                KO  2
       Joe Hopkins                                                  W   
       Joe Hopkins                                                  W   

          -Hill traveled with the John L. Sullivan combination
           and won all of his bouts during this time

Feb 28 John Henry Johnson           Philadelphia, Pa               ND  3
          -Hill was called "Muldoon's Pickaninny"; Some sources report 02/23/1893
Jul 18 Jerry Barnett                New York, NY                    D  4
Aug 21 Arkansas Kid (Harry Finnick) Brooklyn, NY                    W 10
          -Some sources report 8/29/93

       Bob "Stonewall" Allen        Boston, Ma                      D  4
       Bob "Stonewall" Allen        Boston, Ma                      D  4
Nov 29 Bob "Stonewall" Allen        Boston, Ma                      W  3
Dec 20 John E. Butler               Lynn, Ma                       ND  8
          -Some sources report "D 8" at "Boston, Ma"

Feb 20 Johnny Burns                 Boston, Ma                     KO  5
          -Some sources report "KO 6"
Mar 18 Sam Tonkins                  Boston, Ma                     KO  5
Mar 26 John A. Sullivan             Providence, RI                  D 12
Mar 28 Andy Watson                  Boston, Ma                      D 10
Apr 19 Young Starlight              Boston, Ma                     TK  9
          -Some sources report "W 12"
Apr 27 -Hill challenged Owen Ziegler to a bout
Oct 17 Andy Watson                  Providence, RI                  W 15
          -Some sources report "Boston, Ma"
Nov 30 Charley Johnson              Philadelphia, Pa                W  4
Dec  7 Al O'Brien                   Philadelphia, Pa              SCH   
          -Hill used the name "Muldoon's Pickaninny"; Hill refused to fight; Conditions not known
Dec 23 Bobby Dobbs                  Maspeth, NY                     D  6
Dec 30 Bobby Dobbs                  Maspeth, NY                    LF  6
          -Hill knocked Dobbs down twice;
           Some sources report "LF 7"

Mar 31 John E. Butler               Boston, Ma                     KO  7
          -Some sources report "NC 7"
Apr 29 John E. Butler               Boston, Ma                     KO  9
Oct    Peter Sweeney                London, Eng                    KO  2
Nov  9 Arthur Callan                London, Eng                    KO 15
          -Some sources report "Arthur Callahan";
           Some sources report "Arthur Cullen";
           Some sources report "W 20"   
           Some sources report "KO 14"
       Dido Plumb                   London, Eng                     L   

Jan 25 Pat Daly                     London, Eng                     L 20
          -Some sources report "KO 5"
Feb 27 Tom McCune                   New York, NY                   TK  6
Mar  6 Pepper Griffin               New York, NY                   TK  8
Apr 15 Bobby Dobbs                  New York, NY                    D 10
May 10 Jack Gallagher               Troy, NY                       TK  2
          -Some sources report 5/17/97
Jul 12 Harry Peterson               Troy, NY                       LF  8
       Eddie Lenny                  Philadelphia, Pa               ND  6

Apr  5 Paddy Fenton                 Lynn, Ma                       TK  6
          -Hill used the name "Muldoon's Pickaninny"
Jun  9 Andy Watson                  Boston, Ma                      W 12
Aug  2 John E. Butler               Boston, Ma                     TK  2
Sep  3 William "Spike" Sullivan     Boston, Ma                     ND  6
       Harry Peppers                New York, NY                   LK  4
Sep 27 Otto Sieloff                 Boston, Ma                      D 12
Nov 17 Andy Watson                  South Boston, Ma                D 13
          -An extra round was fought by mistake
Dec  7 "Australian" Tom Williams    Boston, Ma                     TK  5
          -Some sources report "KO 6"

Mar 17 Joe "Kid" Robinson           Valley Falls, RI               KO 17
Aug  7 Jack Bennett                 Brooklyn, NY                   LF 24
Sep 18 John Henry Johnson           Philadelphia, Pa               ND  6
Dec 12 Jack Dwyer                   Brooklyn, NY                   TK  5

Jan 13 Jim Austin                   Brooklyn, NY                    D 15
Feb 27 Bob Montgomery               Boston, Ma                     KO  3
Mar 27 Andy Watson                  Boston, Ma                      D 15
May 23 Bob Montgomery               Boston, Ma                      D 15
Oct 10 Andy Watson                  Manchester, NH                  D 20
Oct    -Hill was reported to be dying from pneumonia

Feb    Mike Shannon                 Springfield, Ma                NC  6

Apr 28 Belfield Walcott             Boston, Ma                      L  6

Nov 23 Fred Vannuch                 Boston, Ma                      D  6
Nov 30 Tim Harrington               Boston, Ma                     TK  5

Jan 21 Tommy Sullivan               Lawrence, Ma                    L  8
Apr 11 Joe Reed                     Berwick, Me                     D 15
Apr 18 Belfield Walcott             Haverhill, Ma                   W 10
Jun  6 Guy Ashley                   South Berwick, Me               D 15
Aug 22 Joe Reed                     Manchester, NH                  D 15
Dec  6 George Gunther               Lawrence, Ma                   LK 12
          -Some sources report "L 12"

Jan 23 Harry Senter                 Brooklyn, NY                   ND  3

Sep 18 Henry Williams               Washington, DC                 KO  2

Apr 11 Jim Janey                    Baltimore, Md                  TK  9
          -Some sources report "KO 4" on 4/01/09

Jul 15 Willie Lester                New York, NY                   ND 10

Dec 11 George Robinson              New York, NY                   LT  4

*** Much Data Was Provided By William Schutte ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization