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By Jim Carney Jr.

Jim Carney Jr.'s book, Ultimate Tough Guy, is a very interesting read about the great heavyweight champion, Jim Jeffries. Unlike most previous books that cover much of Jeffries' personal life, this work focuses primarily on his ring career. Of course, some personal incidents that occurred related to his boxing are included but Mr. Carney mainly addresses Jeffries' exploits in the ring.

Extensive descriptions of Jeffries' major ring encounters are presented. After these are  discussed, the book gets into the many opinions about the skills of the "Big Fellow," how he would come out in various match-ups against other top heavyweights and how he ranks all-time among the big men.

Mr. Carney is a keen boxing analyst who has studied all the heavyweights of history. He is fascinated by the question of how they would fare against one another and has done a thorough analysis of their strong points and weaknesses. His boxing knowledge comes from years spent attending boxing contests, reviewing boxing films and extensive reading of existing publications - boxing books, magazines, newspapers and microfilm.

As a boxing historian, I (Tracy Callis) have a number of ideas on how the all-time hevayweights would match up against each other and am honored and flattered that Mr. Carney has included a number of my views in his work. The opinions of many boxing people and historians are included as well. This book is an outstanding source for many facts of Jim Jeffries' career experiences, is interesting and informative and is an important read for historians and fans.

Jim Carney Jr.
has a passion for boxing that began at age 10 and has continued unabated for 50 years. He has written numerous articles for Cleveland area publications for the past 15 years and often appears as a guest on local sports shows in the Cleveland area.

This very detailed book (
ISB: 978-0-578-01055-7 , 308 pages , $19.95) can be ordered from Achill Publishing, 2001 Crocker Road #440, Westlake, Ohio 44145 or by contacting Larry Durstin (216-227-0505) at

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Callis description --

Jeffries is considered to be one of the greatest heavyweights of all-time; He was not a polished boxer but was blessed with enormous strength, power, stamina, chin and determination

Due to early day reports, there is much question as to whether some bouts were exhibitions or actual wins; The knockouts in England during 1900 are not included in his statistics

Many boxing people rated him as the best heavyweight ever - Jack Dempsey, Jack Johnson, Jim Corbett, Tommy Burns, Tom Sharkey, Jack Root, Willie Ritchie, Patsy Haley, Dan Morgan, Joe Woodman, DeWitt Van Court and Hugh Fullerton - to name a few

Nat Fleischer ranked Jeffries as the #2 All-Time Heavyweight; Charley Rose ranked him as the #5 All-Time Heavyweight; Jeffries was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1954 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990


Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization

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