Tracy Callis
By Steve Maguire

Steve Maguire has written an intriguing book about boxing in which he lists numerous top ten rankings that are sure to spark controversy. It is entitled Boxing's Top Tens and contains splendid narratives and descriptions. It even has ten chapters with many beautiful fight photos. Well-written, it clearly required much research to put together.

Fighters of all time from all weight classes are "tossed into the ring together" so-to-speak. The men and their bouts are compared against each other. The final rankings reveal how they stack up against each other.

Included are chapters on the top ten title fights and the best ten punchers ever. There are chapters on the ten best southpaws, the ten greatest chins and the top ten upsets. That's not all. There is a chapter on the ten best trilogies and, of course, the ten best fighters of all time. Steve even includes chapters on the top controversies, the top ten fighters never to have won a title and ten best fights never to have taken place. When I first read the book, I found myself quickly going through the lists to see how the rankings looked. Now, I go back and reread them.

In his discussion regarding the best fights never to have taken place, Steve examines Why It Didn't Happen, How It could Have Happened and What Would Have Happened. He doesn't hesitate in pointing the finger at the people, conditions or other reasons responsible for fans never having these contests to witness.

If you like ring debates, if you like to read/hear others' views on boxing or if you're in the mood to disagree with someone else's all-time rankings, this is the book for you. The reading style is relaxed and informative. I have gone through the book several times already and it is just recently published.

The Jack Dempsey-Harry Wills bout that never took place is mentioned. Who would have won? Mike Tyson was a mighty puncher. Does Mike rank among the all-time top ten? Rocky Marciano was unbeaten and only knocked down twice in his professional career of 49 bouts. Is he ranked among the best chins ever? Read the book and find out !!!

The book is published by Steve Maguire Publications, LLC (2010) and can be ordered from the website or

240 pages, $35.00, hardcover
Numerous photos, index
ISBN-10: 0615384471  ISBN-13: 978-0615384474  2011

 Boxing's Top Tens

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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