Tracy Callis
By Bill Paxton

Fans of boxingís great middleweight, Harry Greb, are in for a treat. In a well-researched and detailed work by Bill Paxton, the career of the highly regarded, "Pittsburgh Windmill," is presented in an interesting and easy to read manner. Coverage of the major bouts in Harry's ring tenure is given great attention as well as the circumstances surrounding the contests. In addition, there is a plentiful display of photographs that enhance the presentation.

The man, Greb, considered by many boxing historians to be the greatest middleweight fighter of all time, is under the microscope in this thoroughly researched book. No doubt, Paxton's work will rekindle the reader's interest in the exploits of Fearless Harry.

Scrapping in one of boxing's most competitive periods of history, Greb owned victories over a number of very talented fighters. The only man to defeat Gene Tunney was known in boxing circles to have "bamboozled" Jack Dempsey in sparring sessions. Mr. Paxton discusses Greb's encounters with Tunney and Dempsey. Both of these great fighters held Harry in great esteem.

Harry also tangled with the amazing Kid Norfolk. These matches are discussed too. Greb received an eye injury in one of these contests that cost him his vision in that eye for the remainder of his career.

A lengthy discussion regarding Mickey Walker is included as well as informative descriptions of Greb and Tiger Flowers, Maxie Rosenbloom, Tommy Loughran, Battling Levinsky, Fay Keiser, Perry "Kid" Graves, Joe Chip, Joe Borrell and many others.

Previously, Greb has been depicted as a rough, wild and rowdy, drinking  man. In this book, however, he is described as a calm, focused fellow who was a devoted husband. Fearless Harry is said to always show up for a bout in fighting condition - which, doubtless he did.

From the back cover of Fearless Harry Greb --

This book is interesting and informative and includes notes for each chapter, a bibliography and a complete version of Grebís ring career record. It is a must read for boxing historians and fans.

Bill Paxton has been a follower of boxing since his youth, an ardent fan of Harry Greb and has studied his career in great detail. He is a member of IBRO (International Boxing Research Organization).

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260 pages, softcover, $39.95; paperback, $39.95
124 photos, appendices, notes, bibliography, index
ISBN 978-0-7864-4016-0  2009

Fearless Harry Greb   Bill Paxton

Callis description --

Greb was a short, stocky fighter who was bouncy, quick, rough and capable; He had a natural "savvy" for handling men physically - large or small - and tangled with anyone who was willing to fight; In a career of about 300 bouts, he lost just 8 official contests - against top-flight, world-class competition; Greb was one of the all-time great middleweights and pound-for-pound fighters that ever entered the ring

Herb Goldman ranked Greb as the #1 All-Time Middleweight; Charley Rose ranked him as the #2 All-Time Middleweight; Nat Fleischer ranked him as the #3 All-Time Middleweight; Greb was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1955 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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