Tracy Callis
By Tom Donelson

Tom Donelson has published his book, Boxing in the Shadows, and it is a very interesting work. The book focuses on the talented black men in boxing and examines the social attitudes, circumstances and events that various individuals experienced.

The writing is descriptive and informative and the reading is easy as the history of black fighters is traced from the pre-1900 years to the present. Emphasis is placed on the skills of these men and the trying conditions under which they lived and performed.

Different periods with their challenging social conditions are examined, such as Jack Johnson and the Mann Act, Harry Wills and the late teens and early twenties, and Joe Louis and his changing times. Muhammad Ali, his stand against the Vietnam War, and his push for racial equality receive warranted discussion.

Many great fighters are discussed such as Peter Jackson, George Dixon, Jack Johnson, Sam Langford, Harry Wills, Joe Louis, Henry Armstrong, Sugar Ray Robinson and Archie Moore, to name a few. An extensive chapter on the career of Muhammad Ali is present - with a very interesting analysis of Ali versus the all-time great heavyweight boxers. George Foreman, Joe Frazier and Larry Holmes receive coverage also.

Not only are the heavyweights presented, but top men in the lighter weight classes as well. Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns, Marvin Hagler and Michael Spinks all get coverage.

The controversial Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Roy Jones Jr., James Toney, Bernard Hopkins, Riddick Bowe and Lennox Lewis - men who proved that all-time great fighters exist today - also receive due credit from Mr. Donelson.

Included are sketches of historical matches such as the Jack Johnson-Jim Jeffries Heavyweight Championship bout of 1910, the Harry Wills-Jack Dempsey bout of the 1920s that never took place, the Joe Louis-Max Schmeling bout of the 1930s amid the winds of world war with Nazi Germany, the competitive series of bouts in the 1940s between Ezzard Charles and Jersey Joe Walcott, and Muhammad Ali and his battles with Joe Frazier and George Foreman.

For those of us who are avid boxing fans this book is a "must" read. I enjoyed reading it and will go through it many times more, I am sure.

Tom Donelson is a writer, speaker and member of the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO). He has written or co-authored seven books. In addition, he has written numerous articles on various topics for newspapers and other publications.

The publisher is iUniverse Inc., 2021 Pine Lake Road, Suite 100, Lincoln, Nebraska 68512

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Boxing In The Shadows
Tom Donelson

ISBN-10: 0-595-42810-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-595-42810-6

171 pp. softcover (6 x 9) 2007

Boxing In The Shadows is the story of many great Black fighters throughout the past century and puts their accomplishments within the context of the era that they fought in. This book is the seventh book that Mr. Donelson has written or co-written. Mr. Donelson has written on a variety of subjects over the past three decades and been published in newspapers and publications, Mr. Donelson is a leading observer of the boxing scene as well as a member of the International Boxing Research Organization, the leading boxing historical society.

About Mr. Donelson, Rusty Rubin writes, "Tom Donelson is an outstanding scribe in describing the world of boxing. This is why I asked Mr. Donelson to co-authored our book, Billy Soose, The Champion that Time Forgot."

About the Author

Boxing In The Shadows is Mr. Donelson seventh book and his fourth book on boxing. Mr. Donelson is a member of International Boxing Research Organization, the leading boxing historical society and belongs to the Boxing Writer Association.

Mr. Donelson has been a free lance writer for nearly three decades and his work has appears in various publications including Kansas City Star, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, National Review, KC Jones,, among others. He has written on many varied subjects including boxing.

Mr. Donelson presently lives in Marion, Iowa. He and his wife Janice has been married for 30 years, and has two grown daughters.

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization

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