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By Adam J. Pollack

Adam J. Pollack has published his book, In The Ring With James J. Corbett, and like his work on John L. Sullivan, it is excellent. The book is similar in structure to the Sullivan book and focuses on the boxing career of Corbett, the great boxer. It contains many fight facts and details never before included in earlier biographies and corrects past inaccuracies.
The work is very well researched. Many new contests and exhibitions are revealed for Corbett, as gleaned from daily newspaper reports. Facts concerning early bouts with William Welch, Dave Eiseman [Eisman], Mike Cleary, Frank Smith, Duncan McDonald, Joe Choynski, Tom Johnson, Mike Brennan and Jack Burke are all of considerable interest because the accounts are based on multiple local next day newspaper reports, never before revealed in secondary sources.

This gives readers a fresh perspective on Corbett. The clarifying details regarding contests with Billy Smith, Dave Campbell, Dominick McCaffrey and Peter Courtney are also immense and intriguing, shedding new light on these bouts. Extensive detail is also provided on the matches with Peter Jackson and John L. Sullivan. As a result of this book, I will update my Corbett record on the Cyber Boxing Zone. This reader was highly impressed.

Mr. Pollack has included round by round descriptions for most bouts, telling how the fight transpired. Pre-fight and post-fight analyses enrich our understanding. Corbett’s opponents are brought to life by providing their backgrounds and histories. Opinions and views of those involved in the fight game are included too and they provide insight as to how the various fighters were perceived. 

Not only does the book cover the boxing career of this historical fighter, but it imparts to the reader a strong feeling as to the type of man Jim Corbett was, what the times were like in which he lived and boxed and the rules and conditions under which fights were conducted. 
Writers, historians and fans of boxing will find it an interesting and informative account of "Gentleman Jim." The book is destined to become a major source of facts regarding the clever, "Fancy Dan" boxer. I enjoyed reading it and will reference it many times to come. The book is well designed and contains good photo images. It is truly unique and a "must" read! 

Adam J. Pollack is a staff writer for the Cyber Boxing Zone, is vice chair of USA Boxing’s National Board of Review and a member of the Women’s Subcommittee. He is also a boxing coach and attorney living in Iowa City, Iowa.

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In The Ring With James J. Corbett
Adam J. Pollack

51 photographs, appendix, notes, bibliography, index
435 pp. softcover (6 x 9) 2007
(Hardback available)

This is the second book in Adam J. Pollack's series on the heavyweight champions of the gloved era. It is the most thoroughly researched boxing-detailed biography on James J. Corbett's career ever written.

It reveals new dates, bouts, and facts, shedding fresh light on his experience, skills, and ability. It meticulously describes his bouts and provides multiple viewpoints by local next day newspapers, giving it unparalleled authenticity and accuracy. The exhaustive research provides an encyclopedic wealth of knowledge about Corbett's boxing career. His bouts are placed into social, legal, racial, and historic contexts, including anti-prize fighting laws and the color line. A complete record of Corbett's career is included.

Callis description --

Corbett was one of the greatest heavyweights of all-time; He developed innovations that led to modern boxing techniques and fighting styles; He was clever, agile, and "jack-rabbit" quick; He utilized fast jabs and hooks, and possessed excellent footwork along with slippery head and body movement

Corbett was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1954 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization

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