Tracy Callis
The History of the Black Prizefighter 1870-1930
Volume II Part One
By Kevin R. Smith

Kevin R. Smith has published his book, The Sundowners: The History of the Black Prizefighter 1870-1930, Volume II Part One, and it is outstanding. The book focuses on the boxing careers of many black boxers, some famous and some not so famous. The career details of many of these men have never been published before. This reader was thoroughly impressed. As a result of this book, I will update the records of many men on the Cyber Boxing Zone.

The work is well researched and provides much detail. For each man, a biographical sketch is included that describes personal events in addition to his boxing activities. In some cases, the sketch is extensive. The reader is treated to a perspective for each man that may never have been realized before.

Kevin is good at discussing their histories, experiences, and selected fight details. Also, provided is a bout-by-bout career record for each boxer (as much as possible since data on many of these early fighters is rare and difficult to locate). In addition, photographs are included for each man if possible.

Followers of the sport as well as boxing historians will find it an interesting and informative account of the black boxers of this time period. The book will certainly become a major reference for facts regarding these men.

For those of us who are strong boxing fans and care about the career record and actual goings-on in the lives of these men, this book is a "must" read.
I enjoyed reading it and will go through it many, many times more, I am quite sure. It is well constructed - a large book with a nice design and layout, personal data, good photographs and bout-by-bout records - an excellent work !

Kevin R. Smith
is a staff writer for the Cyber Boxing Zone who was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a boxing historian and author who has researched the history of the black prizefighter for over 15 years.

The founder of the Historical Society for Black Prizefighters, Smith has served as a consultant for the History Channel, the British Broadcasting Company, the British Museum, the National Portrait Gallery (London) and PBS as well as the International Boxing Hall of Fame and several historical societies nationwide. A member of the International Boxing Research Organization, Smith has written two previous books on boxing, 'Boston's Boxing Heritage,' (2002) and 'Black Genesis: The History of the Black Prizefighter 1760-1870,' (2003), the first volume in his Caramel Colored Kings series.

Smith currently resides just north of Boston with his wife Dennise, and three children, Aevary, Samantha and Rowan.

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The Sundowners
The History of the Black Prizefighter 1870-1930

Kevin R. Smith

A biographical encyclopedia of the black prizefighter from 1870-1930. 650 pages of information on the lives and careers of over 150 black boxers, from the famous to the unknown.
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Printed: 656 pages, 8.50" x 11.00", perfect binding, black and white interior ink
Publisher: Kevin Smith
Copyright: 2006  Standard Copyright License
Language: English
Country: United States

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Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization

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