Akinwande crushes Williams on 6/29

by montec@microsoft.com (monte christensen)

The fight really showed me that Jeremy Williams even has less skills than I thought he did and I was pretty hard on him before. When the fight started I also noticed like commentators that Akinwande looked very dry and very calm, almost uninterested. Williams looked all crazy and hyped up. But he showed no skill in this fight.

Round 1: Williams comes out and charges into Akinwande. The round was hard to score as not a lot of clean punches were landed. Akinwande just held as Williams would just charge in and lunge. No jabs and no punching just get inside and try to club. Williams looked like a toughman fighter with these tactics. He was using a lot of energy and only landing few of his wild punches. Akinwande was smart and just sort of held and waited for Williams to clam down a little. I gave the round to Williams but he didn't look good in getting it.

Round 2: Williams comes out more noraml in this round. He lands a good punch or two early in the round. But then Henry opens up on him. Williams looks hurt and backs up into the corner. He then takes a good 10-12 punch barrage. Williams spins out of the corner but he looks dazed. The rest of the round shows Akinwande now jabbing and punishing Williams from the outside. Williams doesn't have any answers and this round I score for Akinwande.

Round 3: Williams claims he broke his middle finger of his left (?) hand during round 2. Goosen tells him not to worry that it is probably just bruised badly. But it won't matter for much longer. Williams comes out staying on the end of the jab again. About 20 seconds or so into the round he starts to come in. One big right and the fight is over. The ref stops the count at 7 when Jeremy falls forward but he is totally out. I really think in situations like this they should keep counting to 10 so there is no controvery. I didn't see Williams or Goosen complain afterwards. Williams was actualy a pretty good sport after losing. He seems to have matured as a person quite a bit but he hasn't improved as a boxer. His win streak since losing to Donald has been against very suspect opponents and he looked horrible in this fight.

Hard to gather much from Akinwande from this fight. He must have some power as he got the KO with one punch. His defense and style looked pretty good but Williams didn't fight a credible fight. Akinwande looked fast enough that he can easily beat the slow Zolkin.

Williams should consider going down to 190 if he wants to be a champ. He could be very good at that weight but since there is no money there don't expect to see that happen.

In other fights Tony Tucker beat a guy who looked about 50lbs over weight. The KO1 was a disgrace as the guy obviously didn't train at all. Ricardo Lopez looked just Awesome again. I think he is the BEST fighter in the game today. He dominates everyone in his division so easily. He has it all. I love to watch him. He needs to move up to 108 though as I don't see anyone at 105 to offer him anything. But at 108 maybe Carbajal, Gonzales, or at 112 we have Arbachakov. But he has been dominating for so long that I think I would rate him above Jones, DLH, or Trinidad as P4P best fighter. The only drawback to him is that he has never fought in any other weight. But he looks 10x better than anyone else he ever fights. I have never even seen him in a close fight. He fought a pretty hapless opponent tonight but he ended it early.

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