The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia presents
The Bare Knuckle Heavyweight Champions of America



Tom Molineaux the Virginia Slave 1810-1815
Tom Hyer   1841-1851   retired
John Morrissey Old Smoke 1853-1859   retired
John Carmel Heenan the Benica Boy 1860-1863   vacated
Joe Coburn 1863-1865   vacated
Jimmy Elliott   1865-1870   imprisoned
Mike McCoole the Deck Hand Champion
Tom Allen   1869-1870
Jem Mace the Gypsy 1870-1871   vacated
Tom Allen   1873-1876
Joe Goss 1876-1880
Paddy Ryan   1880-1882
John L. Sullivan the Boston Strong Boy 1882-1889

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