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Charlie Goldman
Bantamweight Contender 1904-1914
Trainer Emeritus 1914-1963

By Robert Ecksel

   Born Israel Goldman in Warsaw, Poland in 1888, Charlie Goldman grew up in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. He fought his first pro bout at the age of fifteen in 1904. A tough but smart little brawler at just over five feet in height, Goldman's smashed nose and deformed features were a tribute to a lifetime of toughness. Charlie Goldman never won a championship in ten years of fighting professionally. Charlie did, however, learn the subtle art of boxing. Goldman quit fighting in 1914 and suddenly became a trainer. He trained his first world champion with a year - and is considered one of the greatest cornermen in history. He trained the all-star trio of lightweight champ Lou Ambers, welterweight king Marty Servo, and featherweight titleholder Joey Archibald. Goldman also worked the corners of Kid Gavilan, Fritzie Zivic and Oscar Bonavena. Among all his accomplishments, Charlie Goldman's greatest creation was that creature from nowhere Rocky Marciano. Goldman transformer Marciano from a laughably clumsy brawler into undefeated heavyweight champion of the world. Perhaps the greatest trainer of all time, Charlie Goldman retired from boxing after six meritorious decades.

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